Who will pay?
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Dear Editor:

How does a Mayor tainted with corruption run for re-election against a candidate known as a fighter for reform? Predictably, he manufactures a fake scandal to throw mud on the other candidate. Once again, the legal process has shown that there is no evidence to support the Mayor Healy's accusations of improper interference with Board of Education. There may be no “there” there, but the faux scandal has served its real purpose. It has generated headlines that the mayor can use in his advertising to discourage participation in the election. He knows apathy is on his side.

We might dismiss this maneuver as hardball politics, Hudson County-style, but something more serious is at stake. The mayor's campaign has insisted that the Jersey City Board of Education pay his campaign's legal fees for this fishing expedition. So our children have to foot the bill for Healy's campaign tricks. The taxpayers of Jersey City footed the bill for the Healy campaign’s frivolous lawsuit over whether a city council candidate can use the name he as used for his entire life on the ballot.

Now Healy is threatening yet another lawsuit to stop Fulop from publicizing the infamous videotape of Healy’s meeting with FBI informant Solomon Dwek in which Healy is seen promising to “untie all the knots” at various city agencies for Dwek’s proposed real estate development after Dwek promised $30,000 to Healy’s re-election campaign. I wonder who will pay for that lawsuit?

Andrew Herrmann

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