Impatient, always in a rush drivers
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Dear Editor:

I would like to reach out to all the impatient, always in a rush drivers out there who will hopefully read this in your column. First, take a look at the license plate in front of you, if there is a red square on there, do not cut off or beep to rush that driver who is most likely driving the legal speed limit. That person is still under age and is a new driver. There is a licensed adult in that car and is trying to teach them not to do what you are doing to them. Since my daughter has been on the road, she has been cut off, and beeped at for doing the 25 miles per hour that is the legal limit.

I am an experienced driver and I still have impatient people out there, many even on their cell phones, beeping at me and trying to go around me for doing the speed limit! I also have the right to not turn on red if I choose to, and since I am not rushing around, I will make you wait. I stop at stop signs and do not use my cell phone while driving and I wear my seatbelt, so you'd better hope you don't get stuck driving behind me.

Faye Krupski
"Safe Driver"

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