Local air tourism industry impacting our quality of life
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Dear Editor:

As leader of “Stop Tourist Helicopters” I am infuriated by NYC311's response to my phone complaint made on May 4. In essence my helicopter noise complaint was dismissed; The New York City Economic Development Corporation determined that this issue is not within its jurisdiction because the helicopter did not belong to a tour operating company. How is it even remotely possible that NYCEDC could make such a determination when my complaint was not about a single helicopter, but rather about tourism helicopter industry that is clogging our skies over the Hudson River on a daily basis?

Really, they think I was calling to complain about one single helicopter. Talk about lack of responsibility and a clear case of evasive tactics. There is no other regulatory watchdog to file complaints with. I am MAD as heck and not going to stand for this. Join me and hundreds of neighbors and let’s file tons of complaints to NYC311 and clog up their system and see what sort of response we get.

Join the alliance to rid our skies of noisy, aggravating tourism helicopters, see all the information we’ve uncovered including the health impact upon adults and children. It will get you irritated, join the fight to regain our calm skies, your peace of mind, and your quality of life, preserve your property values, and protect your health and the health of your children and the children and elderly of Hoboken.

Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/StopNYCTouristHelicoptersOverNJsideofHudsonRiver and on Twitter @Stophelicopters or write us with your input to StopNYCTouristHelicoptersNJ@gmail.com

The Bloomberg administration is in bed with the New York City Economic Development Corp who leases out the Downtown Manhattan Heliport which most tourism helicopters take off from and land. In addition, the FAA doesn’t have the bandwidth to be concerned with the tourism helicopters flying at 1,500 feet and under over the communities along the Hudson and NYC Harbor. The FAA doesn’t deem it necessary to monitor tourism helicopter air traffic as they are more concerned about commercial flights out of Newark International. So instead a special interest (a.k.a. lobbyist group) call Eastern Helicopter Regional Council (EHRC) is charged with oversight of the air tourism industry that plagues our skies.

We have enlisted Mayors Zimmer (Hoboken) and Turner (Weehawken) and others who will help us in our fight to protect us from the noise pollution, the ill health affects and impact on our lives due to the tourist trade in the sky. Honestly, will NYCEDC miss $50 million when they claim tourism has earned NYC $55.3 billion from 52 million tourists in 2012 (Tourism figures from NYC & Company). Without the air tourism industry over the Hudson River, tourists will find other things to spend their dollars on. We need to fight back to reclaim our quality of life. Check us out and communicate your feelings. Plus write a letter to the editor of the Reporter.

Brian Wagner

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