Mayor’s comments about Housing Authority were unfair, politically motivated
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Dear Editor:

After reading today’s issue, I was compelled to add my two cents. Regarding the Hoboken Housing Authority, Dawn said “during Sandy these buildings were left completely in the dark” and “residents were using candles, and we’re so lucky we didn’t have a fire and lose lives.” Question, what was being used in all the other buildings in Hoboken that were totally in the dark? Her comment is partiality because she is only referring to Hoboken Housing Authority. As I recall mostly all the buildings in Hoboken were in the dark, not just Hoboken Housing Authority. In my building the halls and stairwells were lit, we just didn’t have power in our apartments. I don’t understand the reasoning in her comment. More and more her prejudice against the residents in the Hoboken Housing Authority is becoming clearer.

Another comment I would like to mention is when Dawn stated “this is Exhibit A as to why you need an odd number of council members”, referring to the constant tie votes on the council. Comment, maybe if the 9th council person could be an independent and not being influenced by either side the city council can operate fairly putting the residents needs first, not politics or Dawn’s agendas. Another remark was made regarding Judy Burrell’s vote for the chairperson asking where her allegiance lies. Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, her allegiance may lie with the residents and not either side. She has her own mind and I’m pretty sure she is educated enough to make up her own mind. We would like to thank Ms. Burrell for considering the residents in this matter. It saddens me as a lifelong resident for the past 60 years and at this day and age that people still can’t seem to get along. Instead of condemning, insulting, ignoring, labeling, etc. the residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority, try to get to know them as human beings. Not all are bad; in fact, most are extremely kind, caring, hardworking people. Yes there are issues to be dealt with but there are also issues throughout Hoboken the only difference is they’re not publicized. If I have insulted anyone in this letter I do apologize, I’m just trying to understand why we all just can’t live together.

Debra Morrissette

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May 26, 2013
you seemed to have lost the context of the have an individual who is just trying to push forward a project without any input from the community at project is allowed to move forward in this regard so this has nothing to do with HHA. you simply have the russos screaming bias when they are the criminals. i am sure the buildings will eventually be approved but after they are properly vetted by the community at large without undo influences from corruption.