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That’s your debit card, not your license

At 2:20 a.m. on Sunday, May 28, Hoboken police officers observed the driver of a 2007 red Toyota Corolla allegedly swerving west on Second Street, and allegedly striking several vehicles without stopping. As the car turned onto Park Avenue, officers attempted to pull the Corolla over. They turned on their patrol car’s sirens and lights, to no avail, according to a police report. As the Corolla picked up speed and continued to evade the officers, it allegedly struck several other cars until it finally stopped just outside 301 Park Ave.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the officers asked the driver, Leslie Reyes, 21, of Jersey City, for her license and registration. Police allege that a strong odor of alcohol was emitting from the car. Reyes allegedly proceeded to hand the officers several debit cards before finding her driver’s license.

While Reyes and her passengers were being questioned, other officers returned to the struck vehicles to assess their damage. The worst damage was to a 2004 silver Honda Civic, which sustained a dent to the rear bumper and driver’s side. The officers also noticed that Reyes’ vehicle had also sustained damage – a flat front tire and a broken side-view mirror.

After allegedly failing a field sobriety test, Reyes was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, operating a motor vehicle under the influence in a school zone, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and failing to submit to a sobriety test.

Just act normal…take a deep breath…RUN!

During a routine patrol around 12:45 a.m. on Monday, May 27, officers observed a silver 2002 Chevrolet Impala traveling north at the intersection of Clinton and Third streets. The officers allege that when the driver saw them, he looked startled and allegedly sped up. As the officers pursued the Chevy, it turned left onto Fourth Street and then left again on Grand Street. The officers noted that the driver allegedly failed to use a turn signal.

The driver allegedly ignored several other laws as he continued to head through various streets. .

As the driver allegedly sped west on Observer, he was headed off by another patrol car outside 300 Observer Highway. He was ordered by officers to place his keys on the dashboard and his hands out the window, and was subsequently put in handcuffs and placed on the sidewalk.

The driver allegedly identified himself with a false first name and the last name of Brown. He said he was 21 and from Newark. He claimed he was unsure of his Social Security number, according to a police report.

While running Brown’s information, an officer noticed a black leather wallet in plain view on the center console of Brown’s Chevy, which upon inspection contained a New Jersey Identification-Only Card issued to Rafeeq Brown, 24, of Newark, police said.

After the officers confronted the man, he allegedly admitted that he was Rafeeq, and said that he did not identify himself truthfully because of outstanding warrants in his name. He was placed under arrest for hindering apprehension or prosecution, and transported to Hoboken police headquarters.

Upon further investigation, the officers concluded that four arrest warrants were issued for Brown – three in Newark and one in Irvington. Total bail was $6,050.

Cleaning up the streets, one bag of cocaine at a time

Only by pure chance did a Drug Enforcement Agency officer, who happens to live in Hoboken, look down as he walked home on Hudson Street just after 11 a.m. on Sunday, May 26, according to a police report.

Just outside 1202 Hudson St., the agent noticed a sandwich bag full of a white powdery substance he suspected was cocaine. He immediately alerted the Hoboken Police Department.

Police officers who responded to the scene classified it as a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) and logged it as evidence.

If the coke belongs to you, please call the Hoboken police at 420-2100.

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