Castellano responds to ‘misleading’ pro-Zimmer information
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Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to counter some misleading information from Mayor Zimmer’s propaganda machine: a small group of zealots charged with maintaining misleading blogs, send unfounded spin throughout mainstream media.

Fact 1. As to Zimmer’s appointment of Jim Doyle to the City Council, I have no problem with the selection, only the process. Zimmer chose to usurp the democratic process by not allowing the voters to make the decision. That was the driving force behind the court case, which contrary to last week’s letter we, the independent council members, have financed ourselves. Jim was the emcee at Zimmer’s inauguration and he was chosen by the governor, at the request of Zimmer, as a member of the Hospital Board. Facts excluded in his resume. What else was not disclosed?

Had an election been scheduled in 30 days, Jim would have gotten a unanimous vote. Ask why would Zimmer refuse an election? Answer, she wanted that fifth vote for the majority.

The fact that the rubber stamp is out of ink, frustrates the “Zimmerites,” evident by their behavior, as the meetings get more contentious.

Fact 2. A 4-4 council is a breath of fresh air, never more evident going through the budget process, our questioning has disclosed, the proposed budget is underfunded, not balanced. Zimmer faction proposed a tax levy increase, resulting in a tax increase. We, the independents, proposed nine amendments to avert a tax increase. Being aware that the county is looking at a possible 10 percent increase, the Zimmer Board of Education a four percent increase, looming increases as a result of a Zimmer-driven property revaluation will financially devastate our taxpayers. We commit to do whatever it takes to keep expenses down and decrease spending.

Fact 3. Council members, Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and I are paying for the legal challenge, which means not one penny of taxpayers money is being spent by us. Judge Bariso ruled that Doyle’s appointment was illegal. Zimmer levied an appeal, hired a high priced, politically connected attorney. The city estimates the cost of the appeal at $30,000 and counting, keeping appeals active makes friends with political power brokers for the benefit of back room deals and political contributions. Nice “green reformer” you turned out to be Dawn.

I hope these facts shed light on how we City Council independents stand. When anyone writes a letter of truth, expect a Zimmer tool to respond. I have no problem; it gives me the opportunity to say again, the independents are paying for their own defense, shame on those who are lying to the public. And, yes there will be another letter from me as countless residents have commented, saying that I am articulating what everyone is thinking. Over 900 views of my previous letter should tell you something. Remember, that much overused word from the distant past, Transparency. Look it up again, refresh your memory.

Theresa Castellano
First Ward Councilwoman

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Grafix Avenger
June 25, 2013
Castellano denounces particular bloggers (pro-Reform) as "zealots charged with maintaining misleading blogs, send unfounded spin throughout mainstream media", yet published the above on a 'blog' responsible for disseminating hideous propaganda into the mainstream media for years.

Ms. Castellano endorses a site that features Mayor Zimmer next to pictures of monkeys, Google "Zimmer or Chimp."

Castellano and her ilk attack Reform blogs because they've lost control of the message, and are having more trouble pumping their propaganda into the mainstream media.

Why? Because there's too much sunlight online. That's why Castellano and her ilk cry about 'certain' blogs but publish screeds on the virulently anti-Zimmer cauldron of nastiness.

BTW, that site is a ghost-town. No one wants to read that dreck. The Reform blogs are getting the traffic, so ask yourselves why.

Somebody call a WAHHHHmbulance for the hypocrite Castellano.

June 26, 2013
How do blogs and bloggers send anything into the mainstream media? Those are diametrically opposed avenues. Castellano is just at the brink of saying 'the facts have a reform bias'. Keep posting in the 411 sewer, Terry. You're a perfect fit over there.
June 23, 2013
Councilwoman Castellano should understand that 900 views of her letter do not translate into agreement with her position. Train wrecks attract many viewers too.

Transparency. Mrs Castellano is not independent being related to the Russo family and as we all know by now the connections she has to Mrs Mason and their "rubber stamp" Councilman Occhipinti.
June 26, 2013
'Train wrecks attract many viewers too.'