Is there a reason why?
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To the Editor:

Is there a reason why our school children in Hudson County or in the 20 other counties in New Jersey should be wearing foreign made T-shirts when we manufacture them right here for almost the same price? If you go online and type in Ethix Merch you will see every conceivable kind of T-shirt that children wear with prices averaging $8.89. With almost 9,000 school children in Bayonne and 29,000 school children in Jersey City, by purchasing what we make in America, you will be keeping Americans employed and Johnny and Mary working. You can't go anywhere, be it a college, university, high school, grammar school, mall, carwash, or county fair, without finding items that are made in countries thousands of miles from us. If we don't put pressure on our superintendents of schools, school principals, county executives, and shop owners in these monolithic malls, then Johnny and Mary will not be able to find work after spending four years and thousands and thousands of dollars of their parent's hard-earned money, all to no avail. There are thousands out there looking for work and some are your neighbors. Before you buy anything read the label and ask the store owner why can't he or she find and sell what we make here. If you have school children be sure tell their teachers come September that you would like your child to wear American-made T-shirts. There are a lot more items being made here than we realize, and one only has to go online to find them. They will graduate one day, and where they work has a lot to do with you.


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