JCPA be gone
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Dear Editor:

Creating the Jersey City Parking Division under the new Department of Public Safety makes perfect sense. Parking is directly related to safety. The sooner a motorist secures parking, the safer everybody is including all passengers and pedestrians. The more time it takes to find parking, the more risk there is for a chance of road rage, accident, injury and death by auto. Hoboken has done an outstanding job by creating parking spaces by changing the ordinance and rule of no parking 25 ft. from a crosswalk to 15 ft, thus providing an extra 20 ft. of parking, on the average, per crosswalk. I don’t know the number of crosswalks in Jersey City but I’m wiling to bet that’s a lot of footage of new parking that never existed before. The tax payers can benefit from this enormously. If you think about it, it’s really open space. As long as everything is done safely, people will be better off. The benefits completely outweigh the cost.

The current parking authority is an autonomous agency that would be better off terminated. It is a Political Hack House, a cesspool of political patronage. The high majority of the workers there couldn’t survive one month in the private sector. Angelo & Giovanni are an exception. They know enough to keep their mouth shut and let everything else come out in the wash. Some employees were out ripping down political signs, after midnight, scaring the hell out of disabled seniors like my father. Others, whether they want to admit it or not, were directing these hacks to do it. Still others in the JCPA have multiple jobs paid by hurting tax payer. This is known as double dipping. Poor ethics I say. Seeing JCPA titles like Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain is an insult to every Police Officer, Firefighter and/or Veteran in this country I say too. Ridicules rules like not allowing a parent or grandparent to have a yearly permit to come in and spend time with their family is another example. We can go on and on. I just hope that Jersey City can do some positive things in regards to parking. It always makes the top ten issues yet administration after administration choose to look the other way.

James Francis Waddle ton
Lifelong resident

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