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The Vampire of Hoboken

A Hoboken resident was attacked, punched, and bitten several times by an unknown assailant last weekend while walking east on Third Street past the Marine View Plaza, according to a police report.

Police officers responded to a report of a fight just after 1 a.m. last Saturday, and encountered the victim upon arrival on the scene. According to the report, the victim said he was walking home when a white male on the street began to engage him in a verbal dispute.

The man turned away from the agressor and began to walk away when the agressor pulled him to the ground, breaking his clavicle, said the report.

Once on the ground, the men began to fight, and according to the report, the assailant not only punched the victim repeatedly in the face, but also bit him extensively on his left arm and shoulder.

By the time officers arrived, the attacker had vanished, said the report, and the man was unsure of the direction he ran in. After the officers took his statement, an ambulance transported the man to Hoboken University Medical Center, where he was treated for the bites, an abrasion over his eye, and his broken clavicle.

We’re gonna need a bigger bouncer…

A police officer patrolling the downtown bar scene last weekend happened upon a physical altercation between a bouncer and a partygoer that wasn’t going so well for the bouncer. According to a police report, Tori Finn Muller, 21, of West Fulton, N.Y., allegedly had a bouncer at the Boa Lounge in a headlock when the officer arrived. Muller allegedly would not release the man and the officer had to strike him in the leg with a baton.

The altercation allegedly began when Muller, who was on line to gain admission, was asked to step out of line by the bouncer, who decided Muller was allegedly too intoxicated to get inside, said the report. Muller allegedly knocked the line’s rope out of the bouncer’s hand. When the bouncer knelt down to get it, the report said, Muller allegedly attacked him.

Despite the officer’s orders and the assistance of several other bouncers, Muller allegedly refused to let the bouncer out of the headlock. After releasing him, Muller was immediately placed in handcuffs.

At this time, the report said, Muller’s girlfriend, Brittney Albrecht, 21, of Mahwah, began to yell at the arresting officer and allegedly ran at him several times before actually running into him, according to the report. The officer than shoved Albrecht to the ground, and informed her that she would be arrested if she didn’t leave the area. She did not comply, the report said, and was arrested and charged with obstruction. Muller was charged with simple assault.

Dirty laundry

Two Jersey City residents were arrested in Hoboken last weekend for allegedly throwing a city trash can through the window of a Monroe Street Laundromat, according to a police report.

Police received a call from a man who said he saw the crime take place around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, describing the assailants as two black males dressed in hooded sweatshirts and blue jeans.

On their way to the scene of the crime, the report said, officers noticed two men, Glendell Murray, 21, and Kendrick Kelsick, 19, fitting that description. When the officers pulled over to talk to the men, Murray allegedly immediately began running, while Kelsick surrendered.

While one officer detained Kelsick, others chased Murray west on Second Street and into a parking garage, said the report. After searching the garage, one officer spotted Murray allegedly running south on Jackson, where he was eventually apprehended.

The witness identified Kelsick and Murray as the men who’d allegedly thrown the trash can. Kelsick and Murray were charged with criminal mischief, and Murray was also charged with resisting arrest and eluding an officer.

Another online money scam

A few weeks ago, a woman in Hoboken was contacted by a man who said she’d won a jackpot of several thousand dollars. She was eventually scammed out of her own money when she purchased a MoneyPak card and was tricked into giving the fake sweepstakes the card’s number.

A similar occurrence took place this week, when a Hoboken man reported that he’d been scammed out of $100 after applying for a loan from a loan company based in St. Petersburg, Florida, according to a police report.

The man said applied online for a $1,000 loan from a company called Consumer Credit Loan, and was contacted by a company representative named Chris Williams, who instructed him to go to a drugstore in uptown Hoboken and purchase a MoneyPak for $100. The man then read Williams the numbers on the back of the card, and was told his loan would be transferred to his bank account within the hour.

When it wasn’t, the report said, the man contacted MoneyPak, who told him the $100 had been withdrawn. Upon reporting the theft by deception, the man was instructed by police to cancel his bank account and to monitor his credit reports closely.

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