Reinstate the will of the majority on November 5
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Dear Editor:

On Nov 5 Hoboken citizens will vote to choose a mayor and city council and school board representatives and to decide the outcome of a public question. Voters will cast their ballots under the time honored assumption that their votes will democratically determine which candidates will be elected and whether changes to the law proposed by the public question will be enacted.

However, be aware that in Hoboken a precedent was set that can undermine the voters’ decision and overturn the results of a legitimate democratic election. Although, to date, all candidates vying for office remain silent on this, what happened to the 16,444 Hoboken citizens that were robbed of their democratic voice in 2012 is of such critical importance that it should be exposed and addressed by any candidates asking for our vote to be elected to represent us because this precedent could allow outside monied interests to undo our democratic voice in 2013 and forever after.

Hoboken Public Question No.1 which is on the 2013 ballot is exactly the same ballot question that was voted on, and decided, in 2012; in that election, a majority of 16,444 friends and neighbors voted to keep rent control protections in Hoboken by voting ‘no’. However, an outside wealthy developer/real estate lobby contested the election results in court, submitting as evidence a list of 114 provisional voters that they claimed were disenfranchised Hoboken voters. In reality, many on the list did not even live in Hoboken, and not enough Hoboken voters were disenfranchised to change the election outcome, as required by law to void an election. Nonetheless without reviewing the evidence, the courts robbed the citizens of Hoboken of their democratic election result. Even though a majority of Hoboken citizens already voted last November on this issue, the voters will be forced to again cast their votes on a Hoboken Public Question No.1 which appears in the lower right-hand corner of the November 5, 2013 ballot.

While the voters cannot undo the travesty of the court’s decision to overturn a legitimate democratic election result based on false evidence, we can send a loud and clear message at the polls that Hoboken believes that legitimate election results must not be stolen and, by voting no again on the public issue, reinstate last year’s legitimate election result. On November 5, 2013 vote no on Hoboken Public Question No.1.

Cheryl Fallick

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October 22, 2013
There is enough insanity in this letter that an entire team of people could be institutionalized over it. the fact is, tenant advocates exhausted very possibly legal avenue to try and prevent this question from appeal on on the ballot over more than 16 months. people want to vote on it, and they should. Hoboken's rent control ordinance is the worst administered ordinance in the country and as a result creates the highest legal costs and most court activity in New Jersey. If you have been following the tenant position over the years they try to create hysteria over prospective harassment when there has never been one prosecution or legal sanction in New Jersey as a whole over a landlord attempting to harass a tenant out of an apartment. never one, and the reason is obvious: people would go to jail if they did it. TAs illegitimate as it is, that is the only remaining claim tenants have -- they previously claimed that there was no property tax inequity between mutlifamily property and condo/single family property, but they reversed their position this year in an attempt to align themselves with condo owners and avoid pass-through taxes as a result of revaluation. similarly they once labeled exemptions for condo owners from the real estate law a "deal-killer" but they changed their position when the 18:62 provision was found to be illegal by a judge, creating panic among condo owners, all of whom have suffered property value reduction and some of whom have paid $60,000 in phantom violation penalties as a result. the tenants group, you see, only cares about its political relevance and it would do anything to save it -- even misrepresent to senior and public housing residents that they are under rent control when it does not effect them at all. VOTE YES and stop the nonsense -- no current tenant suffers any effect from the Referendum passing. All that happens is new tenants pay a fair rent and property owners are relieved from tax inequity and are free to make investments in their property. AND MOST OF ALL, HOBOKEN CONDO OWNERS FINALLY GET TO ESCAPE RENT CONTROL LIKE ALL OTHER CONDO OWNERS IN NEW JERSEY.