20 reasons to not vote for Zimmer
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Dear Editor:

Here are 20 reasons to not vote for Dawn Zimmer in November:

1. Did not resolve flooding - never created a pump - not even 1

2. Did not reduce property taxes by 25 percent

3. Did not create affordable housing

4. Fewer police on street

5. Has never supported the local businesses

6. Made the parking rules more difficult to conduct business

7. Has not been open and transparent

8. Zimmer offered $5,000,000 of taxpayer’s money to the developers for the hospital sale.

9. Runs $2M in legal expenses a year

10. Never created a new park/supported eminent domain to steal private property

11. Hoboken has never been dirtier

12. Zimmer spent taxpayer’s money on a counter plan to NJ transit’s plan, but did not include any major community givebacks from the developers.

13. Did not put money into our crumbling infrastructure

14. Allows her husband to attend meetings (at least lunch meetings) for her

15. Accepts donations and hands out patronage jobs to supporters

16. Basically backs a Republican governor – so in essence is not a real Democrat

17. Was not prepared for Hurricane Sandy

18. Will not give the Vision 20/20 project the time of day

19. Backs a failing education platform of Kids First, which results in the worst HS in the state

20. We all know Stan, her husband is running the show, not Zimmer.

I personally do not hate the mayor, I just hate the fact that a former photographer with zero experience has been able to lie for so many years, break every campaign promise she has ever made and still manages to spin one of her 500 PR releases that everything in Hoboken is terrific. Well it is not. We are going backwards. The bar to be mayor should not be this low.

This is why I endorse Ruben Ramos as our next mayor. He has the experience and a better vision to set Hoboken in a new more progressive direction. I also endorse Joe Mindak, Laura Miani and Eduardo Gonzalez for city council.

David A. Liebler
13 year-Hoboken Resident/Activist
Vision for Hoboken volunteer

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October 15, 2013
11) This might be true, but mainly because Hoboken’s population increased by 35% since this century began. The main reason? Large scale overdevelopment. Who consistently voted for this? Ruben Ramos who David supports.

12) NJ Transit has promised to renovate the Hoboken Train Station. Instead of stairs there will be escalators to egress from the PATH platform. Buses and taxis will be brought indoors so during inclement weather riders won’t get wet or have to shiver. An urban park will put in place of the current bus depot. A new Pier will be constructed on the southern side, with new shops and restaurants for commuters to enjoy. There will also be open space between the buildings so that Ramos inspired claustrophobia will be eliminated. 700-1,000 new parking spaces will be created. Funds will be provided to complete the transformation of Observer Highway into a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly boulevard. Improved storm water management to reduce and redirect runoff away from the city’s sewer system will also be provided.

13) Absolutely false. Mayor Zimmer 3 times proposed various bonding to improve conditions at our police station, fire houses and new equipment for our Environmental Unit. Twice the side David supports voted down these needed funds. On the 3rd try only Terry Castellano joined the Zimmer Reform majority to pass the ordinance. Mayor Zimmer also tried to repave Observer and Sinatra Drive. The proposal offered to repave Washington Street and to renovate and synchronize the lights and pedestrian signals as well. David’s side voted this down. Hoboken spends considerable funds to repave street. Mayor Zimmer proposed striping asphalt on certain streets to reclaim the Belgian Blocks underneath. The Blocks were expected to last 70 years instead of 5-7, which over the long run would save taxpayers considerable sums. David’s side voted this down as well.

14) What is wrong about a husband having lunch with his wife?

15) Unlike the side that David supports Mayor Zimmer and the Reformers rely on (almost universally) small scale donations from likeminded citizens. No contributor has received a paid job, let alone patronage ones. In fact under Mayor Zimmer the resident only rule for Directors was scrapped so that Hoboken can now employ the most qualified individuals, not just Hoboken friends and allies that Ruben Ramos supported. He also fails to mention that Ruben Ramos’ mom was hired as a Hispanic Outreacher. This was the first patronage job that the state monitor Judy Tripodi eliminated.

16)As a Republican, I can only wish that Mayor Zimmer would switch parties and support my Republican candidates. Unfortunately she has not. It is also worthwhile to note that 50 prominent Democratic officials now support Governor Christie, including Brian Stack who handpicked Ruben Ramos to run for Assembly.

17)David should enroll in Hoboken’s Nixle program so that he can receive emails and text messages like I and many Hoboken citizens do. He should also buy a TV so he could have seen Mayor Zimmer take the extraordinary step of going on TV to warn citizens of Sandy’s dangers. The Mayor urged all citizens to evacuate and to remove their vehicles form the streets. I guess if Ruben Ramos is elected he will give David duplicate keys for every Hoboken vehicle so the next time they can be moved in time.

18) The City Council, not Mayor Zimmer controls the fate of Vision 20/200. Currently all we have is brochure and a concept, but nothing concrete.

19) David pines for days of fat contracts, $1,200 dinners, skimming of public funds for personal use and 29 major audit violations being kept hidden at tax payer expense.

20) We do? Stan has a full time job that keeps him busy. Dawn Zimmer also has a full time job- being Mayor of Hoboken, a job she admirably performs.

October 14, 2013
1) David please take a walk to Washington St and Observer Highway. Across the street is a multi-pump system. Also please Google, Hoboken uptown pump proposal and you will find stories about the recent deal with the North Hudson Sewer Authority to finance an uptown pump as well.

2) Factually accurate but misleading. As a candidate Dawn Zimmer during Round 1 did make that statement. She never once repeated that pledge in the other 2 rounds or any time since. Mr. Liebler conveniently forgets that a major financial meltdown occurred, making all projections moot. In reality, Mayor Zimmer has cut taxes by almost 13%. Out of 566 NJ municipalities, under Mayor Zimmer, Hoboken ranks number 2 in tax cuts.

3) There has been little major development in Hoboken because of the poor housing market. That is normally how affordable housing is traditionally created. There have been deals with smaller developers to put money into an affordable housing fund, but that has been ping ponged over the future of COAH.

4) Under Mayor Zimmer there has been a slight reduction in Hoboken’s police force, but by hiring retired police such as Terry Castellano’s husband and Class II officers more police are available to be put out on the street.The independent report called for fewer police than we currently have.

5) Under Mayor Zimmer the outdoor seating ordinance has been eliminated so that restaurants and bars can now operate that area year round and Hoboken has been named a host city for the Super Bowl which will be the biggest payday for Hoboken’s merchants. She has also sponsored cultural events like the NJ Symphony Orchestra, Bob Dylan and Mumford and Sons that have brought large numbers of visitors into Hoboken. After and prior to these events many partook in our lively eating and drinking establishments.

6) What regulations has she offered and enacted that have made rules more difficult? Please elaborate David.

7) David, take a look at the city website. You will find an array of financial information; audits, budgets, financial statements and even budget workshops. In terms of parking there is a plethora of info, including a section on how to never get a parking ticket.

I sat on the HUMC stakeholders committee where ordinary citizens were allowed to participate in the process.

There is now a Nixle service so that all citizens can receive updates on city matters. You can access or apply for OPRA records online and for bidding on city services. Want information on the reval process? That and other information is readily available.

8)Yes she did. Mayor Zimmer believed that it was better to pay $5 million to save HUMC from closing. David would seem to prefer that our city’s largest employer and the only critical care unit in Hoboken to have been shuttered. He also seems to prefer the $52 million bond principle and $11 million in interest to be paid via the Hoboken taxpayers.

9) Yes she does. Like me, she believes that Hoboken should no longer roll over and let developers and disgruntled city employees (75% of lawsuits) get whatever they want even if it harms Hoboken. In fact Hoboken has won or virtually broke even on over 90% of legal cases. The alternative is to surrender and that would alternatively cost Hoboken taxpayers millions of dollars more in judgments.

10) David apparently has not yet seen the new large park between the northern viaducts at 1600 Park and has also not mentioned the newly acquired 1 acre park in the Southwest (acquired through eminent domain). He doesn’t understand the Constitution of the United States of America that allows private property to be acquired via eminent domain, historically for public purposes, with just compensation. He infers that instead of utilizing a $3 million county grant he would rather spend 5 times that amount at 100% taxpayer paid expense for Tim Occhipinti’s pocket park.

11-20 response to come soon...

October 13, 2013

The author if this letter is a longtime paid political operative and campaign-services vendor with a vested personal financial interest in unseating the incumbent mayor and council majority.