Breakfast after the Bell feeds kids junk food
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Dear Editor:

I’m a mom with two children in the Jersey City Public Schools. I read an article in your paper recently about Breakfast after the Bell, which should’ve been called “snacks after the bell,” in Jersey City Public Schools. I want you to know that this program is not good for the children.

Our children are being served fast-food and junk. For instance, recently the children were served crackers and juice! The day before, a yogurt with milk!

Plus, they have to eat it while they are at their desks trying to do schoolwork, stand for the pledge of allegiance and get settled in for the day – all in less than 15 minutes. And the students aren’t eating until 8:45 - 9:00.

Why have they closed our cafeterias, where our children were eating hot meals, to serve them cold junk food in their classrooms? I feel so sorry for the poorest of our children who really rely on eating at school.

Supporters of this horrible program said kids perform better with a full stomach. Very interesting. ... So the question is, so why are they being deprived??

Breakfast After the Bell is deplorable and clearly the millions in Federal and State dollars the district gets for sticking this junk in front of our neediest children is the motive, not the children. The NAACP and Ellen Simon should be ashamed of pushing this junk on the children of Jersey City.

Wadiiah Rose

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