Honoring their own Police reward outstanding acts over the last year
by Al Sullivan Reporter senior staff writer
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Police Det. James Wade, received this year's Valor Award, during ceremonies held in City Hall late in May.

Wade received this year's highest honor for police work conducted on Oct. 11, 2004 when he uncovered an attack inside an apartment and distracted the attacker long enough for the victim to escape.

Wade, who was off duty at the time, had learned of the fight from a woman on the street who was at the time frantically calling for help on her cell phone. When he got to the apartment, he heard a violent struggle with people shouting and furniture being toppled. When he entered, he saw a man wielding a butcher knife with the intended victim throwing furniture in the path of the attacker.

After distracting the attacker long enough for the victim to escape, Wade defended himself against an attack, and after a violent struggle was able to disarm the attacker and held him until backup units arrived.

Police later learned the attacked had been smoking PCP.

"The heroic actions Det. Wade displayed during this incident are an example of the best the Bayonne Police Department has to offer," said Police Chief Robert Kubert. "His dedication to the people of this city was clearly evident in this situation, where he instinctively, and without concern for his own personal safety, entered the scene of a violent struggle while off duty, to ensure the safety of a person in real danger of being killed."

The awards ceremony that honored Wade and other officers is traditionally held around Memorial Day each year complete with a Blue Mass at St. Henry's Church and an awards dinner. It is designed to mark the accomplishments police officers over the previous year, and to recognize them for their bravery in responding to situations such as those faced by Wade.

This year's awards fall into several categories: Excellent Police Service Awards, Certificates of Appreciation, Commendations, and The Valor Award.

Commendations given

Bayonne Police Officer Kimberly Kay and Jersey City Det. Mark Lavelle were given commendations for an incident that occurred on May 3, 2004. Kay was yanked into a vehicle after a motor vehicle stop and was taken into Jersey City where Lavelle fired his pistol at the driver in order to save Kay's life. This caused the vehicle to stop, at which time, the injured Kay managed to shut off the car, hold the suspect until Lavelle was able to subdue the suspect.

Lut. George Farley, Detectives Wayne Grapstul, Michael Zaja, James Wade, James Mahoney, Steven Rhodes Time Wilgus, Charles Nadrowski and Joseph Spiers received commendations along with Sgt. William Nide and Det. Carmen Cutro when they uncovered a murder and extortion in May 2004 plot that involved a drug distribution operation.

Sergeants Kevin Gallagher and Eric Deitrich, along with Police officers Augustin Caamano, Robert Skalski, Domenico Lillo, Arthur Zimny, Christopher Lowicki, Damon Galano and Dets. Juan Betancourth and Anthony Larwa received commendations for preventing a suicide on July 6, 2004.

Dets. Anthony Larwa and police officers Kyle Davis and Edward Norton received commendations for disarming a suspect who was drawing a gun on them on Aug. 5, 2004.

Det. Timothy Wilgus was awarded a commendation while off duty, disarmed a person wielding an 8-inch steak knife threatened several people on the street on Sept. 4, 2004.

Also winning commendations were Captain Eileen Sisk and her husband, retired Chief James Sisk heard a report of an armed robbery with a gun near the home and responded to the 34th Street Light Rail station believing the suspects might use the rails to escape. As a result the suspects were apprehended.

Det. David Macre, and police officers Domenico Lillo, Thomas Lynch, and Vincent Mattiello were given commendations for disarming a man armed with a knife after he had threatened to kill himself on Cot. 28, 2004.

Officers Thomas Hojnacki and Patrick O'Neill received commendation after passing along information to the Narcotics Unit about a suspect they had arrested leading to the later apprehension of a suspect armed with a gun on Nov. 9, 2004.

Police officers Edward Ryan, Miguel Camacho and Vincent Mattielli received commendations for disarming a man with a knife on Nov. 20, 2004.

Dets. Richard Cotter and Stephen Salot received commendations after apprehending a suspect armed with a 357 revolver after a shooting on Nov. 20, 2004.

Sgt. Timothy McAuliffe and Det. David Macre were given commendations after a chase on Jan. 10, 2005 resulted in their vehicle being rammed head on, but managed to radio a description that led to an eventual arrest.

Dets. Roman Popowski and Juan Betancourth and Sgt. Eric Deitrich were given commendations for surveillance leading to the arrest of two mid-level narcotics dealers on Jan. 15, 2005.

Dets. Wayne Grapstul and Michael Zajac were awarded commendations for observing a suspect with a concealed handgun on March 25, 2005.

Police officers S. Merrill McCarry and Albert Roesinger were awarded commendations after a foot chase with two suspects lead to an arrest and the discovery of a loaded handgun and 43 viles of cocaine on April 26, 2005.

Certificates of Appreciation, Excellent Police Service & Meritorious Police Service

The police chief awarded certificates of appreciation to a security guard William Ortiz for providing information that led to the arrest of vandals on April 13, 2005.

Also receiving a Certificate of Appreciation telecommunication operator Jamie Aragona who helped prevent a suicide by notifying property authorities.

Certificates of Appreciation went to telecommunication operators Daniel Asia and Daniel Alduka who ran combination of plate numbers after the reported number from a hit and run proved in accurate on Jan. 11, 2005. The effort resulted in an arrest.

A Meritorious Police Service Award was given to Dets Timothy Carey and Anthony Larwa and police officers, Thomas Hojnacki and Patrick O'Neill for their work addressing enforcement at the light rail stations.

Excellent Police Service awards

The officers receiving Excellent Police Service awards are:

Benjamin Zakrzewski, Albert Roesinger, S. Merrill McCarry, Christopher Lowicki, Arthur Zimny, Augustin Caamano, Chester Konopka, Daniel Kaiser, Louis Labruno, Robert Gordon, Det. Steven Salot, Det. James Mahoney, Det. Steven Rhodes, De. Joseph Spiers, George Ponik, Lt. Peter Nevins, Samuel Garcia, Domenic Colabraro, Matthew McGillis, Damon Galano, Det. Timothy Carey, Det. Juan Betancourth, Kyle Davis, Patrick O'Neill, Raymond D'Amico, Det. Roman Popowski, Det. James Wade, Det. Michael Zajac, Sgt. Anthony Larino, Sgt. Raymond Skalski, James Donovan, Det. David Macre, Domenico Lillo, Edward Norton, Det. Anthony Larwa, Wayne Crawford, Sgt. Timothy McAuliffe, Det William Wagner, Det. Richard Fifer, Matthew McGillis, and Det. Steven Rhodes.

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