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Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on an article posted in last weeks Reporter by Art Schwartz– “People for Sale”.

While I agree with some of the article’s concepts, I must retort. Mr. Art Schwartz reveals that with the approaching “Super Bowl,” platform, there will be an expected increase in women trafficking for illicit gains. These illegal gains will be in “Human” trafficking for prostitution. In 2013 this is really a common occurrence. To try to bring to light the savagery, under the guise of the “Super Bowl” is a travesty. Mr. Schwartz acknowledges that these crimes have occurred in the past.

My point, Hudson County business woman, Louisa Medrano was arrested for these same crimes in 2005; however, was allowed to plea bargain her crimes down as long as she testified against the then Mayor of Guttenberg. The Mayor and his wife were found guilty of receiving illicit gifts, i.e. bribes, and were found guilty and sent to prison. Ms. Medrano accepted a plea bargain and spent 0 time in jail.

So, the human trafficking in underage women for illicit and possibly slavery gets a probation deal. This, my friends, is a travesty of justice. No one involved in the enslaving of other humans for profit for any means, especially prostitution should never be allowed to plea to lesser charges. Jail must be the only outcome to any these allegations. Use this platform wisely.

The U. S. does not need the scum of society to rat on each other for a deal with whomever the prosecutor at the time might not dislike. Political aspirations must be put aside and the dregs of society, whom commit these unconscionable deeds, must pay for their crimes.

A slave trader gets a walk, a naïve, perhaps, mayor and his wife, goes to prison for menial circumstances. Are you really on board with any of this hogwash? Now we want to lecture the sins of enslavement? All I can say is I hope those that care use this platform correctly.


David Flood

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