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Guttenberg schools reward achievers – and those who display ‘character’
by Joseph Passantino
Reporter staff writer
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APPLAUDING BEHAVIOR – The Anna L. Klein School in Guttenberg honors good behavior with a point system that encourages them.
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Students in the Guttenberg School District this year are finding out that doing the right thing can be rewarding. That’s because Superintendent of Schools Michelle Rosenberg has instituted a positive behavior recognition system to honor good gestures and practices. “The students start with 30 points that promote character building and positive behavior,” Rosenberg said. She will complete her first full year in her post next month.

From that point, more points can be added if the students “go above and beyond” what is expected of them, the superintendent said.

“It’s an incentive for kids to do better and be better behaved,” the superintendent explained earlier in the school year. “For positive reinforcement, for students that do what is above and beyond expectations, they can earn positive points. Those students that have 40 or more positive points will be honored at this ceremony as well.”

But points can also be deducted for “discipline infractions.”

“If a student falls below 15 points, they are considered ‘restricted,’ ” Rosenberg said, “meaning that they are not permitted to participate in extracurricular activities, trips, etc.”

Those with higher “plus” totals are eligible for quarterly awards.
“It’s an incentive for kids to do better and be better behaved.” – Schools Superintendent Michelle Rosenberg
In the past, the only honor that existed was Student of the Month, for those with academic achievement or improvement, according to supervisor Nicholas Remondelli. But the award was problematic.

Rewards for all actions

“You could only get it once and that was it,” he said. “And that doesn’t reinforce consistent, positive behavior.”

With the new system, children are rewarded for myriad reasons; helping a teacher, cleaning up in the lunchroom, or even picking up a book dropped by a schoolmate.

“They can be rewarded for even something like turning in a wallet,” said Donna Grzybowski, educational leader, “for good citizenship, good deeds, and concern for other students in the building.”

“We met with the kids, and one of the things we tried to impress was it’s easier to get the 40 than the 15,” Remondelli said.

Students take to program

The students responded overwhelmingly, and three awards observances, honoring a total of 235 students, were held recently; Dec. 17 for grades 1-2, Dec. 18 for grades 3-6, and Dec. 19 for grades 7-8. The students were lauded there, and their parents were invited to attend. The first event was held even on a day with a couple inches of snowfall.

At the events, students that received honors and high honors were awarded certificates, according to Rosenberg. Those who had received at least 10 positive points and maintained them all marking period were honored as “good citizens.”

Building on initiative

The system is designed to encourage those who didn’t reach the honor levels this time to strive for them next.

“The classmates know that day when their classmates are called out of class to attend the ceremonies,” Remondelli said. “Our hope is it’ll grow from here.”

“It’s about building pride with kids and involving the parents,” Remondelli said. “Then having them come in and celebrate with their children.”

Rosenberg said that the school district would also “stand firm” on its discipline policy this year. Not adhering to it could cost student athletes playing time if they are not meeting “behavior and academic standards.”

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1st Grade Junior Pride Honorees

1. Kevin Lopez

2. Stephanie Rave

3. Brandon Allen

4. Brianna Armas

5. Karina Corales

6. Alice Ochoa

7. Miguel Palma

8. Shelsy Rodriguez

9. Kinsley Garcia

10. Daniel Pelaez

11. Joshua Gamboa

12. Alejandro Velasco

13. Bryan Marroquin

14. Katherine Amaya

15. Carlos Blanco

16. Bella De Los Santos

17. Amy Flores

18. Bryan Garcia

19. Abdou Mbengue

20. Jomar Zotamba

21. Freddy Sanchez

22. Jesus De La Rosa

23. Camila Florez

24. Hamza Iqbal

25. Darius Moran

26. D’Angelo Rodriguez

27. Mia Stanic

28. Xavier Zambrano

29. Janela Angulo

30. Kamila Franco

31. Sophia Marin

32. Pranav Edupuganti

33. Carolina Villa

34. Natalie Cabrera

35. Pablo Rodriguez

36. Johamm Zotamba

37. Sherly Rodriguez

38. Hugo Blacio

39. Eva Castillo

40. Jacqueline Lopez

41. Isabella Tito

2nd Grade Junior Pride Honorees

1. John Martinez

2. Alexander Torres

3. Jason Marcatoma

4. Carolina Camey

5. Scarlett Green

6. Yasira Pineda

7. Isabella Randell

8. Emely Romero

9. Jonathan Sanchez

10. Mariana Chacon

11. Jade Fuentes

12. David Esquivel

13. Ashley Car

14. Husain Alawawda

15. Victoria Hernandez

16. Brielle Schneider

17. Belen Cardoza

18. Melanie Conforme

19. Brian Fernandez

20. Allison Monzon

21. David Leal

22. Christian Alava

23. Janis Perez

24. Brianna Paulino

25. Jaydy Ordonez

26. Omar Cabrera

27. Kathlyn Huete

28. Joseline Martinez

29. Haylee Montanez

30. Jeffty Gonzalez

31. Denisse Renderos

32. Ashley Sanchez

3rd Grade High Honors

1. Nicole Avecillas

2. Skylynn Bermudez

3. Camille Orozco

4. Andres Rodriguez

5. Melanie Lopez

6. Richard Valdez

7. Leyla Fuentes

8. Aditya Madiraju

3rd Grade Honors

1. Joseph Ortiz Alexandro Cruz

2. Ciara Deine

3. Lindsey Gonzalez

4. Alejandra Almanzar

5. Isaac Barragan

6. Temistocles Gil

7. Frank Amador

8. Alexia Celestin

9. Jonathan Estrada

10. Andres Hernandez

11. Britney Jarillo

3rd Grade Good Citizenship Recipients

1. Frank Amador

2. Jonathan Estrada

3. Nafeza Alawawda

4. Paulina Resendiz

5. Aditya Madiraju

6. Nyla Acosta

7. Alejandra Almanzar

8. Halle Castillo

9. Kevin Roca

10. Richard Velez

11. Nicole Avecillas

12. Skylynn Bermudez

4th Grade High Honors

1. Bleona Krasniqi

2. Jeremiah Polanco

3. Melanie Arias

4. Valeria Miranda

5. Kiana Roman

6. Emily Rivera

4th Grade Honors

1. Kayleigh Guerrero

2. Ciara Flores

3. Sophia Erazo

4. Natalia Geron

5. Jannet Martinez

6. Juan Perez

7. Kailee Lamouth

8. Daisy Marin

9. Liberty Medina

10. Antonio Rubio

11. Yarelis Martinez

12. Amira Kourani

13. Lia Harding

4th Grade Good Citizenship Recipients

1. Jasmin Estrada

2. Jimmy Franco

3. Lia Harding

4. Daniel Mack

5. Brandon Martinez

5th Grade High Honors

1. Sage Clarke

2. Lanaya Carbonell

3. Reem Abughannam

4. Fiona Bezhani

5. Deep Patel

6. Kennedy Richmond

7. Camelia Gil

5th Grade Honors

1. Naif Taha

2. Elizabeth Siguencia

3. Siarah Saavedra

4. Steve Quito

5. Kevin Jimenez

6. Alfredo Velazquez

7. Michelle Campis

8. Joanna Lobo

9. Emiliano Medina

5th Grade Good Citizenship Recipients

1. Kevin Jimenez

2. Chris Rivera

3. Tristan Duchesne

4. Irvin Ramirez

6th Grade High Honors

1. Ludwin Chavez

2. Ozara Dalgo

3. Disha Patel

4. Aniela Gonzalez

5. Julissa Laignelet

6th Grade Honors

1. Marielle Odenthal

2. Daniella Renteria

3. Anthony Molina

4. Anthonio Montanez

5. Adia Nasir

6. Emily Santana

7. Shariah Warren

8. Michael Said

9. Haley Castillo

6th Grade Good Citizenship Recipients

13. Reinaldo Araya

14. Daysi Sarmiento

15. Denisse Sarmiento

16. Michael Said

17. Shariah Warren

18. Steven Jorge

19. Ludwin Chavez

20. Jaylin Duchesne

21. Leslie Rodriguez

22. Disha Patel

23. Anthony Castrillo

24. Alfredo Medina

25. Catherin Mella

26. Ferrando Ortiz

7th Grade High Honors

1. Andy Dong

2. Bryanna Ruiz

3. Bruno Risotto

4. Giovanny Arjona

7th Grade Honors

1. Stephaney Arias

2. Jeydi Rivera

3. Yanaisa Martinez

7th Grade Good Citizenship Recipients

1. Bryan Acosta

2. Andrew Alvarez

3. Constanza Araya

4. Stephaney Arias

5. Gabriela Castro

6. Santos Gonzalez

7. William Reyes

8. Kelvin Sanchez

9. Crystal Alcalde

10. Gabriel Escobar

11. Franklyn Gil

12. Suzanne Hamzah

13. Blake Oramas

14. Alexa Quito

15. Katie Roso

16. Bryan Sabido

17. Scarlett Pavon

18. Lucas Suarez

19. Saja Mutan

20. Greenger Moreno

21. Yanaisa Martinez

22. Andrea Macancela

23. Andrew Inglesias

24. Alaa Awawda

25. Marijelly Argueta

26. Chelsey Albiya

27. Summer Ahmed

28. Andy Dong

29. Paul Guiracocha

30. Anibal Jacobo

31. Eddie Merino

32. Jason Rodriguez

33. Sebastian Mosquea

34. Jeydi Rivera

35. Bryanna Ruiz

36. Bruno Risotto

37. Melanie Cedeno

38. Madeline Espinal

8th Grade High Honors

1. Valeria Perez

2. Vanessa Arradaza

3. Alyxandria Batty

4. Aislinn Bram

5. Daibelis Acevedo

6. Brianna Paez

7. Kyla Arradaza

8. Anne Gao

9. Richard Diaz

10.Debora Garcia

8th Grade Honors

1. Symar Camero

2. Heidy Mendez

3. Matthey Hernandez

4. Ricardo Sierra

5. Antoni Gonzalez

6. Geraldine Moreno

7. Desiree Chavez

8. Melissa Garcia

9. Yessenia Mija

10. Kyana Soto

11. Micaela Turner

12. Nina Lopez

13. Angie Chiroque

14. Ismael De Jesus

15. Samantha Fuentes

16. Carolina Sampson

8th Grade Good Citizenship Recipients

17. Michael Sainato

18. Krysta Alvarez

19. Debora Garcia

20. Kyla Arradaza

21. Nina Lopez

22. Daielas Acevedo

23. Alberto Niebla

24. Karel Gonzalez

25. Geraldine Moreno

26. Leslie Reyes

27. Bradley Loscano

28. Martha de la Cruz

29. Antoni Gonzalez

30. Jonathan Mora

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