A parking-related hope for the New Year
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Dear Editor:

As the snow began to fall on Thursday evening the Hoboken Parking Authority was out in force issuing tickets and towing cars. Where other communities declare a state of emergency the city of Hoboken sees dollar signs!

For a city that issues more parking permits than there are available parking spots they sure take no pity on those who don't move their cars in time. Although the sign in the street says "No Parking When Road Is Snow Covered" they were ticketing as soon as snow began to fall. What I hope for in the new year is that city officials can find ways to plug budget gaps without taking it out on residents in the way of parking tickets. And if these elected officials can't figure it out may they find the humility to seek out people who can figure it out!

Paul Fried

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January 12, 2014
My guess is by the sign you mention is that your car was parked on a snow emergency route. I must also assume that you are a selfish narcissist, who cares more about you own convenience than allowing the large snow removal trucks having access to do their job. There is plenty of advance notice form city sources as well as stations like the Weather Channel to find out ahead of time when heavy snow is about to fall. As the snow begins to fall equipment is used to salt the streets so that snow accumulation can be limited.In the future please pay attention to these sources and remove your vehicle. The city provides parking in their garages for a mere $5 a day. Use the garage please.