Christie gets blasted, Obama gets a pass
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Dear Editor:

I am watching with bemusement the firestorm created by Bridgegate. The difference in the news coverage between the numerous scandals of the president and Bridgegate is quite telling, especially in the hallowed halls of that noted media Superfund site, MSNBC, featuring the Reverend Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton. BTW, exactly where IS the good reverend’s church?

But I digress.

The media has excoriated Governor Christie’s assertion that he was unaware of Bridgegate, saying that he should have known and implied that he likely did, despite the release of thousands of pages of documents which have not, as yet, turned up a smoking gun implicating him. Time will tell.

But not to worry, our fearless AG, Eric Holder, launched a criminal probe within 24 hours of Christie’s press conference – over bridge lane closings? He also appointed a special counsel to investigate any transgressions at the IRS a year after the scandal broke. Predictably, the counsel passed the Obama smell test. She is a Democratic campaign donor and an Obama supporter. Her findings will doubtless be a revelation.

Contrast this with the useful idiots in the media who gave the president a pass when he said that he only learned of the scandals through news outlets. One can only surmise that the president spends every waking moment doing nothing else but reading the NY Times, the Boston Globe, and the Washington Post. To them it’s perfectly plausible that he knew nothing about any of these. You know: Fast and Furious, where a border agent was shot dead, the IRS targeting conservative and Tea Party groups, the DOJ seizing phone records of the AP, and the NSA and FBI going off the reservation.

The president said the Benghazi assault was the result of a spontaneous demonstration caused by a YouTube video instead of a terrorist attack. Really, on 9/11? Oh well, as Hillary said, what difference does it make? Odd, though, that spontaneous demonstrators were walking around with heavy mortars, assault rifles, and rocket propelled grenade launchers. Indeed. So a traffic jam is on a par with the murder of four Americans in Libya – only to a ruthless, dishonest Chicago politician.

Then we have the $600 million Obamacare debacle. You know the “if you like your health care plan you can keep it” lie. Throughout all of this, no one was fired or disciplined, while Governor Christie immediately stepped forward, apologized, took responsibility, and fired staffers. He also withstood a grueling two hour press conference that would have made Torquemada proud. The president on the other hand has said that he’ll get to the bottom of the scandals. I won’t hold my breath. Since nothing has been done so far one can only assume he’s out looking for a shovel. I’m sure once he finds one he will help OJ get to the bottom of things and find the real killer.

Jim Murphy

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