Psychic fundraiser
Mediums, tarot, and healers—oh my!
by Art Schwartz
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SPIRITUAL HEALERS – Patricia Farrell and Yvette McGuire offered psychic readings and chakra tune-ups.
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“I do house cleansings,” said Patricia Farrell. But Farrell’s not your typical cleaning person. She removes spirits from homes.

“I’m the one they call when the stuff’s flying around the house,” said Farrell. “We get rid of any paranormal stuff. We’ll identify it, make it tell me what it’s doing to the people so the people understand it’s not them, they are not crazy, it’s this energy or this entity or soul, whatever it is.”

Farrell was one of six spiritual guides participating in the twice-annual Mystical Celebration at the Secaucus Senior Center on Jan. 12. A former accounting major, Farrell said she took a major career turn when she began delving into the psychic realm and discovered her latent abilities.

And now, “I’m a medium,” she explained. “Mediums have the ability to communicate with people who have crossed over on the other side. My work pretty much involves bringing forward messages of people who have crossed forward. It’s usually message of peace and comfort or closure or something along those lines.”

Mystical Celebration

The Mystical Celebration was organized in conjunction with Mystical World, a bookstore and enlightenment center in Lyndhurst. Sara Spano founded Mystical World 20 years ago. “My main focus was to help people,” she said. “To help them heal.”

Expanding her original bookselling business over the years, Spano added classes and began working with psychics and spiritualists to give readings to the public. About five years ago the bookstore brought some of those readers to Secaucus for the first Mystical Celebration.

The event was a hit, and they’ve been coming back twice a year ever since.
“Everything I do is spiritual and I offer spiritual enlightenment.” –Ray Sette
This year Spano brought along some new technology: a computer biofeedback system that reads an individual’s electromagnetic field and assigns colors to it to, providing a printed depiction of the person’s aura or “halo.” The equipment then utilizes input from psychics to provide a descriptive analysis of the aura’s characteristics.

A worthy cause

Lisa Snedeker, director of senior and community services for the town of Secaucus, coordinates the Mystical Celebration, running it as a charitable event to raise money for a worthy cause.

“Secaucus is a small town, it’s really unique,” said Snedeker. “We have a mayor who really cares and I told him I wanted to start a charity.” Mayor Michael Gonnelli agreed, and in February of 2013 the Secaucus Emergency Fund was established.

The fund is intended to assist people in dire need who fall outside normal channels for assistance. Snedeker offered the recent example of a local man with two children who suffered a massive heart attack, then encountered problems with medical care and fell behind in his bills. “If somebody comes in, we need to be able to help them,” Snedeker said.

At $5 admission, the Mystical Celebration is intended as a fun and enlightening way to generate money for the fund – a win/win.

Sound therapy

Yvette McGuire is the manager at Mystical World. She provided vibrational or sound therapy at the Secaucus event using tuning forks.

“We are all made up of vibrations and so we resonate with certain vibrational sounds,” she said. “That’s why sometimes you meet someone and your feel drawn to them like you’ve known them all your life. You’re vibrating probably at similar frequencies to what they are.”

In describing how her therapy works, McGuire said, “my tuning forks are not quite tuned to the same musical notes that we use, they’re tuned to the solfeggio [frequencies]. The original Gregorian chants were sung to the solfeggio frequencies. So I use those to remove any blocks in the energy centers in the body and to raise the vibration so that we can go from survival mode to optimum health.”

In the end, however, McGuire is just a conduit. “All energy healers do is to provide the space or the opportunity for the client to release whatever issues they’re ready to release. Ultimately they are the healer.”

The good stuff

“I do intuitive readings,” said Ray Sette, who provided tarot and energy field readings at the event. “I connect them with loved ones who have transitioned to the spirit realm but I also talk about experiences that are going on in their life right now, just to encourage them, to give them hope. Everything I do is spiritual and I offer spiritual enlightenment.”

Jane Kelly came to the event once before for a reading and returned again this year. “I came here a couple of years back and had Ray. He did well by me. Things that I didn’t know were going to happen did happen,” she said.

In addition to meeting again with Ray, she sat this time with Robert Light, who provided her with a tarot reading. “The girls even said when I came out of there I had like a light around me, a totally different attitude than when I walked in there. So it was good, very positive. It made me feel much better.”

Joan Cabrera stood nearby, waiting for her reading. “I really came to support the emergency fund and some friends who are involved with that,” she said. “But it’s always fun to touch base with some things that you’re not familiar with.” Asked what she expected from her reading, Cabrera said, “I’m hoping to hear anything optimistic. That’s what I’m looking for. Just give me the good stuff.”

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