Weehawken teen climbs WTC
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Dear Editor:

I feel it important to speak up in regard to Justin, who at 16 has become a national personality for his dangerous trek up the WTC. First and foremost I do not condone his climb. With that said, he most

definitely has raised some very important points.

USA security is weak to say the least. Holes in security fences, unsecured entrances, sleeping guards, and rooftop accessibility in the middle of the night to name a few.

News is saying that basically he is an average prankster. OK... If he did this, how hard is it for a trained ultra focused terrorist to achieve the same infiltration?

I am biased to say that while it was illegal and dangerous behavior, Justin is a kind, polite and quiet teenager. He lives on my block. His brother graduated high school with my daughter and is in the US

Military. His dad always has a smile and something pleasant to say. His home is what we call a "good home". Justin did not deface property while climbing, or in any other of his facebook postings. He also isn't pictured drinking or smoking. He didn't "knockout" anyone, or carry any weapons. Honestly, he is basically a good 16 yr old teen.

Hopefully it will be possible to redirect Justin and his "urban adventure" daredevil acts into something very positive. We need brave fireman, fearless bridge painters, and Hollywood stunt people. We need these teens who have the bravery to climb, and calculate how to achieve their goal. They our future in many ways, they just need a more legal arena to use their talents.

Diana Shelkov

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