Time for some new energy in city hall
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To the Editor:

The daily newspapers and TV news channels are talking about the Pulaski Skyway closing down this week, and remaining shut for the next two years. This havoc will create an unbelievable amount of increased traffic for Bayonne, especially uptown. It has led me to wonder why the current Third Ward Councilman has remained silent on this important subject. Those of us who live in the Third Ward will be most affected by the resulting congestion, noise, and safety hazards. These will occur not only at rush hour, but at all hours. And it is not only the turnpike that will be backed up around the clock, but also Route 440. Is it any wonder that the president of the N.J. State Senate, Steve Sweeney, has publicly declared that this situation will result in "chaos.” In fact, he criticized local elected officials like Councilman Ray Greaves for failing to take action to avoid the disaster that awaits us, saying people aren't going to be happy to spend two hours in their cars trying to get home. It is unfortunate that people will suffer because of the uncaring and incompetent attitude of Councilman Ray Greaves. Does Bayonne have a plan to offset this debacle? Other cities do. But, what will Councilman Greaves do when Avenue E, Broadway, and the 14A Turnpike exit are clogged beyond belief? He has done nothing, and we can expect nothing from him. The Third Ward needs new leadership. I have always prided myself on my pro-people and pro-active approach to problem solving. Everyone can be sure that when elected to the city council, I will bring that same energetic approach to city hall and tackle the hard issues that face Bayonne for the benefit of all. I urge everyone to vote Alonso - 13C- on May 13 so that effective new solutions to ongoing problems can be implemented without delay.


Third Ward Council candidate

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