Should they keep their day jobs?
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To the Editor:

 I don't understand how people who run for elected positions can still hold their jobs where they are getting paid a salary at the taxpayers’ expense. Take this new person running for the County Freeholder for Bayonne. It was DiDomenico, but she is not running again so the mayor has picked another person to run, a principal in the Bayonne school system. His name is Ken Kopacz. He is a principal at Washington Community School.

How can he dedicate 100 percent of his time to the school as he would need to and give the Freeholder's position 100 percent of his attention at the same time? This should worry the parents who send their kids to that school. Can he be as efficient should he win as he is currently as he only has one job to worry about? How can he focus on what the school needs when he is too busy campaigning and should he win, what about the meetings for the Freeholders? I do remember reading that they are during the day. What will he do?

Why should he be allowed to get a salary as principal, which is paid by the taxpayer, then, should he get elected, get a salary as Freeholder along with a vehicle to drive back and forth on county business, so now we are talking about gas and EZ Pass as well. How many salaries does one man need? This is all on the burden of the taxpayers on the county level as well as the board of education (school tax). I don’t understand this one bit. Haven’t the residents of Bayonne been burdened enough with all the high taxes? When is the greed going to end? When is the bleeding us dry of our money to make someone else’s pension so much larger going to end?

If he wins his run for County Freeholder, he should have to relinquish his job as principal.


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