Don’t waive your right to sue
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To the Editor:

 To all those downtown residents affected by the Port Authority’s construction, I urge you not to sign the legal document waiving your right to sue. Many of you have shown public outrage over the damages done to your homes on social media and on television, yet this council has not stood up with the people. Every time I speak to a resident over Facebook or on the phone, they want to know what they can do to restore their quality of living. The Port Authority is sending this waiver to you for a reason. All they care about is protecting them legally, and their actions prove they do not want to give fair compensation.

Downtown residents should get together and work on taking on the Port Authority through the legal system. Better yet, the city attorney should stand up for Bayonne residents and help challenge the Port Authority in court, possibly though a class-action lawsuit. Our council members should have sided with the people months ago, but they choose to remain silent on this issue. It is a sad situation, which angers me because First Ward Councilwoman Agnes Gillespie has been absolutely absent on this issue, an issue that is directly damaging her constituents.

Based on the actions of this council, it is absolutely fair to say that the people of Bayonne do not have representation in city hall. It is absurd that this council is seeking re-election when they cannot even fulfill the duties of their elected office. Shame on this council for playing politics with the lives of our residents.

Bayonne, we need to stand up for ourselves, because those currently in office will not do it for us. I will stand by your side, and I will not abandon those who I aim to represent. 


Candidate for First Ward Council

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