Some "human rights hero”
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Dear editor:

In his March 23 Letter, Sgt. Eric Garrison (USAF, retired) praises Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, as a "human rights hero" for his and NATO's intervention in Kosovo 15 years ago. Mr. Garrison then goes on to mention that Tony Blair was involved, along with President Bush, in the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, which "did not go well."

To say the least! Their excuse for invading Iraq was that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction" that threatened the whole world. Iraq did not have such weapons, and Blair and Bush knew it didn't. It was an aggressive war based on a lie. Many of us knew it was a lie, and we protested in the streets trying to stop it before it started, but to no avail. This war wrecked the sovereign country of Iraq, killed and made homeless millions of its citizens, and crippled a new generation of children born with birth defects from the use of depleted uranium, which stays in the soil forever. And this war has cost the American taxpayer between 5 and 6 trillion—trillion—dollars.

Some "human rights hero", this Tony Blair!

T. Weed

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