There are no gangs in Bayonne
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To the Editor:

I enjoyed watching the Bayonne debates on television. It was very informative.  I learned where all the candidates stand on issues.  Mr. Zanowic had some good ideas. But I was very disappointed to hear those who say there are “gangs” in Bayonne. Groups of punks on the street corner are not gangs. Gangs are organized crime units who use murder, extortion, and muscle to keep their crime enterprises in business. I was a policeman for 28 years for the federal government. I know what gangs are, they are not in Bayonne.  Crime stats show that there were zero murders in Bayonne last year. That means there are no gangs operating in Bayonne.  I’m voting for Mayor Smith in the upcoming election. He has a plan for Bayonne.


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May 07, 2014
LT JERRY SZOSTKOWSKI does not exist! Its nice to see malato and unger allowing false identities to publish letters! goes against your terms of service as it goes against your "submission of political letters that is so nicely stated at the bottom of the letters to the editor" GOOD JOB CONFIRMING PEEPS IDENTITIES MALATO AND UNGER!