Irresponsible Board of Education
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Dear Editor:

We all want something so important yet so simple and fundamental, a challenging and nurturing academic environment for our children, one that will prepare our kids for the challenges of college, careers and life in a competitive global environment. As a parent, with two children attending HoLa, I am thrilled with the opportunity that HoLa provides, the rigor of learning in two languages, blending creativity and high academic standards, and a constant commitment to reflect and evolve, so that we continue to do more of the things that are working and change what needs improvement in real time. In doing so, every child has the opportunity to receive the best we can offer. We can support and nurture our children at home, but we only have one chance to give them a great education.

The Hoboken Board of Education is using tax payer dollars to sue the NJ State Department of Education because the state approved HoLa's expansion; the state approved our expansion because of success and a need for good education in our city, because students are thriving and they deserve it! To use tax payer dollars to sue the state is irresponsible. HoLa runs a successful school with less than half the dollars per student than the Board of Education receives, so the concept that Hoboken public schools will continue to fail Hoboken children because HoLa is taking away small percentage of money from their budget is ridiculous. The constant obstacles set in front of us by Board of Education are beyond disheartening and are counterproductive to creating a rigorous and positive environment for the current students in the Hoboken public school. We would love to bring parents together across all schools to create a best in class environment for our local High School but can only do that with the support and participation of the board, with a genuine interest in being collaborative, inclusive, open to new ideas and willing to ask for help rather than assign blame. I encourage our community members to stand up for their children those in the school system and those who may be students in the future. We will continue to voice our concerns, to ask our educators, administrators and board to stop wasting time and resources by attacking HoLa and focus on the true task at hand, do the work to bring about progress and change. Stop attacking something that is working for the children in Hoboken and lets do more good for them, the kids deserve it! Thank you for your continued support.

Jen Branco
Hoboken Resident, HoLa parent

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May 11, 2014
I'm really up to my eyeballs in these Hola talking points today. Ms. Branco, how much money is the 1-time BOE appeal costing the taxpayers of Hoboken vs. how much the permanent cost of the expansion of Hola to 8th grade will be? I also noticed your, not so subtle, insult about the public school 'continuing to fail.' Such self-serving, misleading statements have no place in this public discourse. The public schools have been consistently improving since Kids First and Dr. Toback took the reigns. They have many exciting programs and I've never heard a parent with a child in attendance say anything but positive things about the public school district. Understand that what you refer to as obstacles for the Hola parents are really OUR elected officials standing up for the vast and overwhelming MAJORITY of the citizens of Hoboken. They are defending us from a small cadre (maybe 250 in a town of 52,000) selfishly demanding that our town serve their needs and their needs alone.