Last week’s letter about my positions was incorrect
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Dear Editor:

I write in response to a letter published last week concerning both my opposition to the Monarch Project as well as my support for the Vision 20/20 Concept Plan.

I have opposed the Monarch development since it was first proposed. Two 11-story towers on a pier that floods are extremely dangerous. That is why I traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with our Congressional representatives to ask them to stand with the people of Hoboken who want common sense building practices.

The Zimmer Administration often includes the Monarch litigation in a general appropriation to pay legal bills, which means I’d have to vote for appropriations that also pay for other lawsuits I do not support. For example, the Zimmer Administration is suing the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club, a renowned and celebrated non-profit organization. Yet, there would be no way in that case to vote to support stopping the Monarch development and oppose suing the Boys and Girls Club, because the appropriation is for the law department in general.

The Monarch litigation should not be used to distract from other lawsuits that the Mayor wishes to hide from the public. The health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Hoboken is my number one priority and the people of the 2nd Ward have my commitment that I will continue to fully support their efforts to stop the Monarch development.

Similarly, the Zimmer Administration also continues to mislead the public about the Vision 20/20 concept plan. They claim no details are available. This is absolutely false. The entire plan is available on the Hoboken Housing Authority website. In addition, Hudson County TV has a two-hour video presentation of the plan available on the HCTV website.

Vision 20/20 was the recipient of the coveted Smart Growth Award from New Jersey Future, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that brings together concerned citizens and leaders to promote responsible land-use policies.

The State of New Jersey also supports Vision 20/20 and issued preliminary approval to provide 3.4 million dollars towards funding the plan, as noted in a Wall Street Journal article this past March, but the Mayor refused it.

Hoboken is among the most desired communities in the country, because of our diversity. It is important to make sure Hoboken has responsible development that addresses the needs of all residents, not just the needs of a select few.

In the coming weeks and months I look forward to furthering our efforts to stop the Monarch development and move Vision 20/20 forward. Doing so will bolster Hoboken’s sustainability and affordability and improve our city’s quality of life.

Beth Mason
2nd Ward Councilwoman

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May 18, 2014
wow, the first time beth mason has actually responded to someone during her entire time in office...clearly she has finally woke up to the fact that you are supposed to listen to your constituents in the 2nd how about working with the city of hoboken and help make our streets safer. you can start with 15th street, you know the street in your own ward...would be nice if you did your job for the short period remaining that you are the 2nd ward representative.