BREAKING NEWS: Zanowic endorses Smith Team in Bayonne
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INAGREEMENT – Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith (left), seeking re-election in a June 10 runoff with Bayonne Police Capt. James Davis, welcomes the endorsement of former mayoral candidate Anthony Zanowic (right).
INAGREEMENT – Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith (left), seeking re-election in a June 10 runoff with Bayonne Police Capt. James Davis, welcomes the endorsement of former mayoral candidate Anthony Zanowic (right).
BAYONNE – City businessman Anthony Zanowic, the third-place finisher in the city’s May 13 mayoral election, has thrown his support behind Mayor Mark Smith in his run-off with Police Capt. James Davis next month.

Zanowic garnered four percent of the mayoral vote, enough to stymie the other two candidates from reaching the required 50 percent plus one vote, and forcing the run-off on June 10.

On Friday, May 16, Zanowic endorsed Mayor Smith and his team for re-election, according to a statement released by the Smith campaign.

“After careful consideration and after meeting with both Mayor Smith and Jimmy Davis, I have decided to endorse Mayor Smith and his team,” Zanowic said in a written statement. “As a conservative, my most important concern is making government smaller and less expensive. Mayor Smith shares these goals. He has a solid plan with demonstrable results, like this year's zero tax increase, while Mr. Davis offers no governmental or management experience whatsoever.”

“Mr. Davis' promise to settle the teacher contract without explaining how he would pay for it is fiscally irresponsible and would cost the average taxpayer over $1,100 a year in higher property taxes,” Zanowic said. “Mayor Smith cares about our taxpayers and is being fiscally responsible with our money. We don't agree on everything, but Mayor Smith is the clear choice in this election. For these and other good reasons, I urge my supporters to vote to re-elect Mayor Mark Smith and his team in the June 10 runoff election.”

Smith thanked Zanowic for his support, saying the endorsement was “an important step forward toward our goal on June 10.”

“Anthony Zanowic is a good man who loves our city and I appreciate his endorsement very much,” Smith said. “Above all else, Anthony speaks out for taxpayers, and we are both committed to efficient, affordable government. I look forward to working with Anthony and his team in the future.”

Smith received more than 49 percent of the vote on May 13, missing a first-ballot victory by about 180 votes. – Joseph Passantino
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May 29, 2014
change is in the air.

You can not change how people feel about the present Mayor.

The entire City ,the people ,the voters ,the Business community,

change is in the air.

The election of Tom Cotter in the first ward of Bayonne,is a sign of change things to come,...Bayonne voters want a change...

The incumbent has not done his job right and the voters will change this and vote Jimmy Davis.

... Jimmy Davis will win by 52% of voters

.............................June 10 runoff in Bayonne NJ
Pita bread
May 17, 2014
It's over for the Davis camp. Finally everyone can get ready to enjoy summer.
May 17, 2014
Political Insider: It's over for Bayonne Mayor Smith By Agustin C. Torres/The Jersey Journal From another point of view, let’s just call the campaign by the incumbent one of the biggest disasters in the city’s history. Think about it. While Smith was spending hundreds of thousands, Davis had virtually no cash and failed to do any mailings but still put himself in position to become mayor – and probably take every City Council seat.

I already spelled out the obvious classic mistakes, yesterday. For new readers, let’s say that it was insane to think Smith could get a contract with the teachers’ union, after the educators have gone about five years without one. He pushed for vacancy decontrol and let the issue linger. The mayor didn’t wring his hands enough to show he cared about those homeowners who complained about damage to their property with the raising of the Bayonne Bridge. Why didn’t the administration pick up that senior citizens were unhappy?

Here’s the one thing that really bothered voters: Smith came across as arrogant and the bully label stuck.

For some reason, the mayor thought it was a big deal when he became chairman of the Hudson County Democratic Organization, a dysfunctional organization, when his total focus should have been in administering to a financially fragile Bayonne.

Smith is surrounded by people in City Hall who screen callers and visitors demanding to know what business they have. It is an unwelcoming atmosphere.
movin' on up
May 16, 2014
Zanowic has no supporters, just people that didnt want to vote smith in for a 3rd term. Zanowic bashed smith for the past couple months. Now he thinks his vision is right for bayonne? Can't wait to see what city job he gets. Can't work in the bowling ally forever
May 17, 2014
Mr Zanowic

I have spoken to 20 plus voters in the past week,who voted for you.

They were one shot votes and for the re-elect 20 plus will not vote your way.

Vote for anyone but Mayor Smith