Smith is the man
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To the Editor:

Is the entire city the mayor’s fault? As a resident in the city of Bayonne from the first day born I saw the city change several times. In the 1960s before the houses from 16th street and Ave A to almost 19th Street and Country Village, this was a beautiful park and stadium. People complained then because they wanted the park, not houses. Today is no different. Yes, Broadway is almost a ghost town and the owners of most of those stores are very old or passed away to their final resting spot. Everything is always blamed on the mayor and city officials. But I can say that Mayor Smith has started to bring this city back to the glory days it used to be. He along with the firemen and police have agreed on new contracts. The teachers have a problem with their contract because their union president will not agree with the board of education but the money is there and can have a contract tomorrow. Your city taxes have been stable for the past two years. The high school has installed an academy, but is every student going to be an actor or actress? No just like every student is not going to college. We need to bring back the trades like automobile mechanic, automobile body, electric, carpenter, plumber and students would have a choice in anything that was offered to them.  Yes the First Ward has a problem with the raising of the Bayonne Bridge and the mayor is getting blamed for that but again is it his fault? I say no. This project was approved by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey along with the Governor of New York and New Jersey. If people have a problem, they should contact the mayor. He is the only mayor who has Tuesday evenings where you can come and speak to him in his office. The back highway has brought in revenue with property taxes from all the stores. Five years ago this was an empty highway.   As we saw in the election Mayor Smith and Mr. Davis were too close to determine a winner so we will have a runoff election next month. How can the people in this city not allow a person who has the experience to continue with the plan to bring back the glory days? If you are sick, do you want an intern to take care of you or do you want a specialist? I would also like to congratulate Mr. Cotter and wish him the best of luck. Mr. Davis might be a real good person but is he a specialist? My opinion is Mayor Smith and his team should be re-elected and keep this city running forward.


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