Vote for my father, Terrence Ruane
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To the Editor:

Friends in Bayonne, please get out and vote! I kindly ask that you vote for a man who has made his position as City Council President his full time and true passion. A man who is truly known for working too hard and caring too much. A man I have watched over the past few years completely invest and devote himself to his position to help improve the town he loves so well. A man who lives by a strong moral code of right and wrong, hard work, integrity, empathy, compassion, selflessness, and citizenship. A man I am humbled and honored to call my father: Terrence Ruane. These values that he lives by are extremely rare in my generation and therefore are so necessary.

He is a man who truly holds himself to a high standard of integrity, responsibility, and trust. A man who volunteered for the Army in a time of war, earned a degree from NJCU, then worked hard as a mail carrier here for his family, and eventually fought to become the postmaster here in Bayonne for many years. A man who would never take a sick day, even when he needed it. A man who always puts helping others first. A man who was out in the storm during Hurricane Sandy assisting residents and preparing emergency plans and shelters. A man who barely slept for the entire week post-Sandy tirelessly volunteering his services at the shelters, senior homes, and on the streets; getting me up bright and early to rally my friends to volunteer our services for our neighbors. A man who organized citywide cleanups to help beautify Bayonne and went around cleaning up this town long before this position. A man who thoroughly researches anything he has ever had to speak on or vote on in Bayonne to ensure he is making the most sound decisions, because he is simply a just and fair person. A man who truly believes you get what you put in. A man who won't allow himself to miss even one week of church or a day in the gym.

Whether sick or on vacation, he always makes it wherever he is because he makes no excuses for himself, and he believes so strongly in devotion. A man who has always lived by the golden-rule mentality—treat others the way you want to be treated—and has raised me to do the same, a man who always taught me to do the right thing even when everyone else wasn’t.

So I am asking that you do the right thing for the city of Bayonne and vote for Terrence Ruane for Council At Large. Vote for a man who you know is devoted to helping our city, a man who was raised here, has raised his own family here, and is a proud owner of a home here. A man who cares more about the city of Bayonne than can be expressed in words; it is expressed in his actions. This is a man who truly embodies the qualities of love, loyalty, and friendship. His genuine character and strong work ethic precede him. This is evident by the support he has received already.

Anyone who has had the pleasure to know him can and will tell you this is a man of accountability and ethics. A man who is compassionate and takes great consideration, because the decisions for our city matter just as much to him and his whole family, as they do to all of you, and that is something he cannot take lightly. Terrence Ruane has his whole heart in this city, and it is truly a heart of gold.


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