Smith is the better choice
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To the Editor:

I've watched as the campaign for mayor and council has unfolded. I've considered how each candidate has comported himself, how they performed in the various debates, and how they have interacted with the voters.

On one hand, we have Mr. Davis who really hasn't offered anything but vague platitudes and pollyannaish suggestions about how to address our community's issues. On the other hand we have Mayor Mark Smith and his proven record of success in paying down city debt, bringing in new developers, and actually delivering a zero tax increase this year.

Mr. Davis seems to have surrounded himself with the same old people who dragged Bayonne down in the past. Mayor Smith has a team of solid citizens on his council and qualified professionals in his administration.

It seems a pretty easy choice for me. I'm voting for Mayor Smith and his team because they have a real plan that's working to move Bayonne forward.


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June 18, 2014
Hey Edward, little did you realize but it was phony letters like the one you wrote that convinced people to vote Davis. People aren't that stupid and see you have the same last name as Smith, however you started with "I've watched as the campaign for mayor and council has unfolded..."

We know you were pro-Smith all along.

Next time have someone without the Smith last name write for you.
June 06, 2014
Solid citizens Genovese Crime family, convicted Rudy Garcia, Bud Demelier,convicted Kenny Baron great cast of characters
June 07, 2014
And Davis' people are helping business owners on Broadway, who don't even live in Bayonne, register to vote. As far as I know. That's ILLEGAL. I wouldn't want someone like that leading MY community.