James Davis and his council candidates win Bayonne elections in close races
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VICTORY IN BAYONNE -- James Davis celebrates on Tuesday night.
VICTORY IN BAYONNE -- James Davis celebrates on Tuesday night.
BAYONNE -- After a heated election marked by months of mudslinging, James Davis edged out incumbent Mayor Mark Smith in Bayonne to win the city's top seat on Tuesday night.

Davis' four candidates also won extremely close City Council races.

Davis’s supporters broke into cheers a little after 9 p.m. when he claimed victory from the second-floor window of a Broadway pizzeria where his campaign was tabulating vote totals.

The new mayor-elect was still trying to process his victory minutes after learning of it.

“Who would have ever believed this,” Davis said. “Six months ago they said I was crazy and had no shot.”

In the council-at-large race, Sharon Nadrowski, Juan Perez, and Terrence Ruane were within 300 votes of each other as of 9:30 p.m. Two candidates were the winners: Nadrowski and Perez.

In the ward 2 race, also close: Joseph Hurley had 1,970 votes and Salvatore Gullace had 2,022.

In ward 3, Gary LaPelusa had 2,402 votes to Ray Greaves' 2,364.

Keep watching this site for more, and to check out the most up to date results on the county election site, click here . Check out our print edition on Wednesday.
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June 20, 2014
I am happy to see them all go.

The departing City Council are just as responsible for a "divided' city as is the Former Mayor.

If any one of the former council ever run for office they will never be elected.

The vote's that any one of them ever received were for the former Mayor and not for them.(coat tails votes).

In a City where over 52% or 16,000 of voters boo them out.

Now lets talk about the rest of the residents 40,000 or so who did not like the Former Mayor or the team who were not able to vote.The street message was get The former Mayor out.

From the teenager to the Senior Citizen,whole families from block to block from up town to mid-town and downtown did not like the Former Mayor nor the team.

And what The Former Mayor represented.

I did what I could to could ouster them...............And it worked. Bye
June 10, 2014
Great job Jimmy!