Hudson County Olympic Spirit Season Finale
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The Olympic Spirit Track League concluded its 39th spring season race series on Wednesday, evening June 4 at Steven Gregg/Hudson County Park, Bayonne. Recognition medal awards were presented to all finishers.


Participating teams:

Our Lady of Mercy Church, Jersey City

St. Al's School, Jersey City

Our Lady of Czestochowa School, Jersey City Friendship Family Charter School, Jersey City St. Augustine School, Union City St. Francis Academy, Union City All Saints Academy, Bayonne St. Henry Church, Bayonne


Results of the Olympic Spirit Spring Track season finale.

Girls: Age Five & Under

1-Mara Ellerson, St.Henry Church; 2-Julia Hester, All Saints School; 3- Alexa Yuscavitch, St Henry; 4- Ayanna Melendez, St Henry; 5- Rose Arroyo, All Saints; 6- Ciana Gomez, St Henry; 7- Jordyn Taylor, St Henry; 8- Camille Campbell, Friendship Family Academy; 9- Emily Palomino, St Henry; 10- Stephanie Pavon, St Al's School

Boys: Age Five & Under

1- Jaidyn Sokpo; 2- Aden Webb, St Al's School; 3-Na'Jay Best, St Al's; 4- Maxim Kukhar, St Henry Church; 5- Jasper Schwamberger, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 6- Jeremy Pavon, St Al's School; 7- P.J Gomez, St Henry, 8- Fyllip Villa, Our Lady of Mercy; 9- Jullian Voneza, Our Lady of Mercy; 10- Patrick George, St Henry

Girls: Age 6-7 Years Old

1- Maggie McCabe, All Saints; 2- Livia Diakogiannis, All Saints; 3- Grace Marafioti, St Henry; 4- Jazlyn Gonsalez, St Henry; 5- Jean Gurali, Our Lady of Mercy; 6- Kelly Hester, All Saints ; 7- Florence Villa, Our Lady of Mercy; 8- Charlize Olmos, St Henry; 9- Riley Lintag, St Al's; 10- Nyla Baclay, St Al's School

Boys: Age 6-7 Years Old

1- Lucas Hernandez, St Francis Academy, Union City; 2- Kyan Melendez, Our Lady of Mercy; 3- RJ Yu, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 4- Tyer Nieman, All Saints; 5- Steven Kass, St Henry; 6- Noah Santos, St Al's School; 7-Octavio Rubies, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 8- Yash Khanna, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 9- Max Patel, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 10- Peter Ghaly, St Henry Church

Girls: age 8-9 Years Old

1- Sade Jimenez, St Henry Church; 2- Kayla Kass, St Henry Church; 3- Nica Saoi, St Al's; 4- Christine Brioso, Our Lady of Mercy; 5- Brianna Arqueta, St Henry Church; 6- Alyssa, Gonzalez, St Henry Church; 7- Jaylyn Orefice, St Al's School; 8- Isabella Grave, St Al's School; 9- Isabel Zamborano, St Al's School; 10- Nicole Davis, Our Lady of Czestochowa

Boys: Age 8-9

1- Joshua Tauriello, St Francis Academy, Union City; 2- Alex Zinkevich, St Henry Church; 3- Andres Giron, St Henry; 4- Matthew McCabe, All Saints Academy; 5- Juan Osorio, St. Al's School; 6- Devyn Jackson, St Henry Church; 7- Shawn Orefice, St Al's School; 8- Nicholas Gonzalez, All Saint s Academy; 9- Jack Moran, Al Saints Academy; 10- Chris Almuete, Our Lady of Mercy

Girls: Age 10-11

1- Milani Bethel, St Francis Academy; 2- Brigid McCabe, All Saints Academy; 3- Polina Kukhar, St Henry Church; 4- Kaitlyn Arroyo, All Saints Academy; 5- Julia Oakley, St Al's School; 6- Aryaa Patet, St Francis Academy; 7- Elena Hernandez, St Francis Academy; 8- Ariel Rankin, St Henry Church; 9- Angela Veger, St Henry Church; 10- Annie Zambrano, St Al's School

Boys: Age 10-11

1- Noah Colon, St Francis Academy; 2- Peter Coar, St Francis Academy; 3- Sebastian Pena, St Francis Academy; 4- Vincent Mattiello, All Saints Academy; 5- Aidan Mancha, St Francis Academy; 6- Ian Giron, St Henry; 7- A J Bianciella, All Saints Academy; 8- Donald Davis, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 9- Gabriel Barcari, St Henry, Church; 10- Tamer Johnson, St Henry Church

Girls: Age 12-13

1- Anna Filipkowski, St Henry Church; 2- Daria Kuchar, St Henry Church; 3- Nouran Omer, St Henry; 4- Molly Moran, All Saints Academy; 5- Martha Reyes, St Al's School; 6- Jessica Tanuos; 7- Gabriela Cruz, All Saints Academy; 8- Lilian Martin, St Francis Academy; 9- Sarah Tauriello, St Francis Academy; 10- Hanna Dobronsky, All Saints Academy

Boys: Age 12-14

1- Tyler Parrado, St Francis Academy; 2- Francois Rodas, St Henry Church; 3- Andre Reyes, Our  Lady of Czestochowa; 4- Justin Balasia, St. Al's School; 5- Jeremiah Bernado, Our Lady of Mercy; 6- Vruthic Thakkar, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 7- Christian Madlansacay, Our Lady of Czestochowa; 8- Steven Fenales, St Al's School; 9- Dean Baquinam, Our Lady of Mercy; 10- Jason Coss, St Henry Church


The fall Olympic Spirit Cross-Country season will begin on Saturday, September 20.

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