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Dear Editor:

I am a 72 year old handicapped widow; I visited Hoboken to meet two young relatives to have lunch in lovely Hoboken and was going to pick up my first ever Cake Boss cake for my son's birthday, which was quite a splurge! I was warned about Hoboken parking so was extremely aware of what I was doing. I luckily saw an empty spot across from Cake Boss. I had trouble parallel parking and some kind soul got in my car and parked it for me. Neither he, I, nor my two 20 something nieces saw any mention of parking fees and it was a handicapped spot.

Now over a month later, I received a notice for non show for payment of a ticket and an additional fine for late fees. I never received a ticket!!! I never saw any notice of payment due or a ticket on my car. I called the parking department, the department of traffic and the mayor’s office and was basically told too bad. Is this fair? I cannot believe this injustice - I cant afford the ticket, nor can I afford the fine for a ticket I never got. Please help me!

Andrea Holmes

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July 07, 2014
She sounds like a whiny old biddy who wants everything for free. If the ticket blows off your car, you are still liable. Across the street is City Hall, and there is definitely a sign and a time limit.

June 26, 2014
Typical Hoboken, trumped up tickets that the Administration likes to call "revenue opportunities".