Supermarket Carts!
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Woe is me with the supermarket carts

They put me to the test

One day I’ll find the “perfect one”

(In my dreams, I guess.)

The handles are sticky, the wheels squeak loud

You hear me coming a mile away

Some of the carts have a mind of their own

And have often led me astray!

There’s one! And it’s clean, and looks harmless enough

As I steer it up the aisle

But, without any warning it stops dead in its tracks

And I swear it’s wearing a smile!

Food shopping is a chore to some

But I never did mind it at all

The trick of it is to get in and get out

But then your cart decides to stall!

They’ve put men on the moon, discovered DNA

So it will always be a mystery to me

Why can’t I find an a-durable cart

Looking good and of high quality?!


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