‘Bike friendly’ doesn’t mean without regard to others
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Dear Editor:

The ever increasing presence of bicycles on the sidewalks of Hoboken is a danger, especially to the elderly and the very young, that will inevitably result in serious injuries. Pedestrians have limited mobility on narrow and constricted sidewalks and have little or no warning of bicycles that are on a collision course.

The Hoboken city regulations allow bicycles on sidewalks, but at a speed "no greater than the walking speed of a pedestrian." Given that typical bicycle speeds are greater than 10 miles per hour and that typical pedestrian speeds for the elderly are less than 3 miles per hour, this regulation makes no sense. It certainly is not enforced. Bicycles should be prohibited from the sidewalks of Hoboken, as is done in most "bike friendly" cities of the world.

Edward A. Friedman

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June 29, 2014
Mr. Freidman, thank you for registering your warning of the safety hazards of biking in Hoboken.

Unfortunately, under certain political conditions "bike friendly" does mean exactly that, "without regards to others". Those conditions being:

1./ a Mayor that is voted in by a minority (ie, no run-off elections courtesy of same Mayor)

2./ That same Mayor panders to her small voting base rather than the Community-at-Large.

3./ A Council majority that votes lock step with the same item 1./ and item 2./ Mayor.

4./ Few residents that continuously push for rights of public access to our streets, sidewalks and parks.

5./ No, yet filed lawsuit, for violation of basic civil rights of Right of Access and Passage.

Oh course the ramifications go further, but biking is just one good example of how our safety and basic Civil Rights are being violated by this administration.

This has been brought up to the police, public safety director, Mayor and Council - all to no avail. When an injury occurs the citizens should not have to pay the damages given how many times the City has been put on Notice. The ordinance that was created by Zimmer uses language that makes biking on sidewalks legal is a joke!

For the record, I am an experienced biker and risk professional in the areas of health and infrastructure.

To make a difference it will be necessary to have a PUBLIC RECORD of a large number of people who feel this way.