Record attendance at first council meeting and bridge meeting
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To the Editor:

What a great first council meeting and bridge meeting! It was so very nice to see so many new faces. I hope this is a sign of things to come. We all have a vested interest in our community and we all have to be active and work together.

At this first council meeting the redevelopment study for the property down at the A & P downtown was addressed. There was some action regarding the garbage and recycling contracts that was interesting. The city will now have two different companies picking up trash and recycling. What is interesting is that Galaxy Recycling had the lowest bids for the one-year contracts and the three-year contracts for both solid waste pickup and recycling as per the bids report submitted and accepted April 10. Galaxy was only chosen for the recycling portion of the contract. I will be inquiring about a further explanation as to why the lowest bidder was not chosen. I have also taken the liberty of reaching out to both firms so that in the future, the people of Bayonne may have a platform to reach someone in case of any issues.

The first bridge meeting in Bayonne was a great success also and I feel it was a great first step in our new proactive government. Headed by Council President Nadrowski and First Ward Councilman Cotter, questions were asked by many First Ward residents and they were addressed. In addition to council members, Mayor Jimmy Davis was present, as well as members of the Law Dept. It was great to have so many from our city government addressing residents’ concerns hands on. Yes, there are still many questions to be answered and addressed but this was a great first step. I hope that most of the questions and concerns will be brought to the Port Authority attention at the next possible meeting.

Last, I would like to mention the letter received by many residents from United Water. It seems that United Water wants to fine residents $100 a day up to $8,000 and possibly discontinue service, if residents do not allow for the new wireless meters to be installed. I have reached out to council members to look into this letter and its language in addition to BMUA Rules 118.c and 116.B(7). In addition, I believe the new contract should also be looked into.

I would like to end this letter by saying that I will continue on to be a voice in our community and do what I can with your help. There are so many moving parts but I will do my best to make sure our Bayonne moves forward and in the right direction.


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July 23, 2014
The PA has about one square mile of land from 1st. street to 7th street tax free, now they are making life hell for us. They charge us just to leave our city. I would give them a hair cut. Bring back the 1st street ferry with a little bus over to the Free Staten Island Ferry. See how much they like that. Once upon a time they said "lets build a bridge and one day it will be free". It put the ferry operators out of business. Also it's always better in an emergency to have more then one way off the Bergen Point.