There are easy ways we can help stop the drowning
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Dear Editor:

Last week’s Reporter noted that a woman jumped into the Hudson and that two men jumped in after her to try and save her. They couldn’t get out but, luckily, all were saved by NY and Hoboken police. Others have not been as lucky. Earlier this year the same scenario had an unhappy ending when two young men drowned off Hoboken. Also this year a local jogger’s body was found in the river. How these events occurred - intentional, criminal, accidental or alcohol related is important of course, but most importantly these folks could not get out of the water.

Our waterfront is the jewel of our town and the envy of many. It’s a shame that little thought has been given to enabling emergency exit from the water. Except for the Sinatra Park Kayak launch and the uptown boathouse beach there is no way to get out of the river.

The high bulkhead walls cannot be climbed. Once you go in you stay in. There needs to be more easy access out of water.

Some ideas that are simple and low-cost: Steps and handholds on the walls to hang onto, emergency phones along the water, ropes or rope ladders, floats with handholds. More small boat launches would also help get rescue boats into the water quickly. Time is of the essence, help often comes too late. We are justifiably proud of our stunning waterfront; We can easily keep it from being the scene of a tragedy.

Alan Welner,

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August 10, 2014
just for the record, there are more ways to get out of the water...where those two boys drowned, there was a rock wall close by that is very easy to get out of the water. i think more of the issue here is that the riptides can be very strong, once your in the water, unless you are a good swimmer you can be in deep trouble if they are strong on a that particular day. your suggestions are not bad, just not sure if it will help.