Officials take to social media after Hoboken zoning board denies development that would include Shake Shack
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HOBOKEN -- Mayor Dawn Zimmer, along with a member of the zoning board and other Hoboken officials, responded on social media on Wednesday after the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustments voted 2-5 to deny an application for a development that would have included a Shake Shack location. The burger joint is a popular chain in Manhattan.

“I think Shake Shack would be a great addition to Hoboken!” Zimmer tweeted. “Not sure of ZBA’s concerns but hope amended application could resolve the issues.”

Zoning Board Commissioner Phil Cohen took to Facebook after the decision.

“Well I thought that bringing a Shake Shack to Washington Street in a beautiful, modern building that would replace the unsightly surface parking lot next to Walgreen's was an exciting opportunity for Hoboken and its business district, but unfortunately the majority of my colleagues on the zoning board didn't see it that way and denied the application,” he wrote in a status update.

Friday morning, Shake Shack tweeted, "Hey Hoboken, no plans for this site or any other just yet, but we're thankful for the support and hope to see ya soon!”

According to the application before the Zoning Board, the new mixed-use, six story building (including a cellar), would include 769 square feet of retail space, 14 residential units, and two parking spaces.

The building was to be built on First and Washington Streets on the Walgreens parking lot. The application requested several zoning variances and preliminary site plan approval.

According to the plan's architect, John Nastasi of Nastais Architects, they needed a variance from the zoning board for 80 percent lot coverage.

He said the request was reasonable as the buildings next door have 100 percent and 90 percent lot coverage.

In an interview on Wednesday, he said, "I was at the Zoning Board from 7 p.m. until 11 o’clock last night at hearing to get approval for a Shake Shack on Washington Street. You would’ve thought I was trying to get approval to operate a methadone clinic, not a Shake Shack.”

See more in this weekend's edition of the Hoboken Reporter.

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April 24, 2017
Heard she's posting again about the Shake Shack Tweet trying to claim it said that they never had plans to come. When in fact their tweet on friday says they HAVE no plans at this time to come. Posted three days after that zoning hearing. Why are facts hard for her? And still no mention of Phil Cohens comment only Michaels. She is fooling the 2 people who don't read any other news and even they eventually will get wise. Its a long way til the election why not be honest
April 23, 2017
yes, the reporter posts all these facts that conflict with other people's inaccurate spins. no wonder those other sites hate the reporter. lets see,if that other website tries to cast mike as a liar then why didn't that site ever mention phil cohen too even once? why not? will they answer the question? they are also trying to lie and say that shake shak tweeted that it "HAD no plans to come to hoboken." they tweeted there have no plans (NOW). twitter defeats their lies. and facts defeat lies every time
April 22, 2017
So Phil Cohen who is on the Zoning board tweeted that he is disappointed the majority of his board voted against Shake Shack. Yet some political people are saying Mike Defusco is the one doing so instead, and that he's :"lying" about it. Do they think we are too dumb to search the net for real news? If he is not telling the truth then ok but isn't it the same for phil? Or doesn't Phil know since he was n the board? The more you learn about what really goes on in town the more you know who the REAL liars are iand you realize why they don't want you to read anything else. Sorry, this has happened 4 or 5 times now that I thought one thing and then read real news and learned that the half truth was worse then a lie. No mention at all anywhere else of Phil's statement so that it can be appropriated to look like it's only the mayor's enemies talking about the potential for a shake shack (yes they have no plans to come in now but they might have...) Why not tell us all the people who posted about it and only some? Such a shame how some of these people who can't stand opposition from mike or anyone else embarrass themselves by lying and hoping no one will check facts. puppets.