Ask the Ump!
by Mike Lynch
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: In high school, baseball and softball; Jones is the starting pitcher and Klim is the starting first base person; Jones is wild and walks the first two batters. Defensive coach requests time as Klim becomes the relief pitcher while Jones goes to first base. Klim allows three straight hits. Defensive coach again requests time to have Jones return to pitch while Klim returns to first. Is this legal? Is Jones allowed to pitch twice in same inning?

ANSWER: This is a legal position switch as a pitcher may be removed as pitcher and return as such only once per inning. This is not considered a substitution rather it is deemed position change. (BB- Rule 3, Sec. 1, Art. 2; SB- Rule 3, Sec. 3, Art. 2, note).

QUESTION: Defensive coach has used three conferences throughout five innings. Top of sixth inning, pitcher, Lynn, allows three runs; coach requests time and removes pitcher and replaces with Moss off the bench. Top of seventh inning, Moss allows three runs. Coach attempts to replace Moss with Lynn. Can Lynn return as pitcher?

ANSWER: Because the defense exhausted its three conferences, Lynn could no longer return to game as pitcher only when replaced by Moss. Lynn, starter, could return to another position if he/ she had re-entry eligibility. By rule, on the fourth conference in seven innings, Lynn must be removed as pitcher only for rest of game. Moss entering for Lynn is considered a substitution (BB- Rule 3-4-1, Penalty; SB- Rule 3-7-1, Penalty).

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