Who’s the real enemy?
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Dear Editor:

Re: ”Local Students Take Part in National Walkout” (Hoboken Reporter, March 18). One of the Hoboken High seniors who took part said, “We have already wrote letters...”

Well, anyway. This was a nationwide student walkout in honor of the 17 students killed in Florida, and this past weekend (3/24) saw a million young people take to the streets in many cities calling on Congress to do more about gun violence.

When I was a boy everybody had guns but there were no mass shootings of the type that occur, it seems, every week in the USA. Our society is saturated with TV violence and Hollywood pornography, our military is engaged in killing millions of foreigners who never harmed us, and destroying their countries, spending trillions doing it, while our own country’s infrastructure is falling apart.

I salute these young people and hope it’s the beginning of a great awakening. The usual suspects will try to bend them to their cause, but I hope they turn a deaf ear and realize that their enemy, robbing them of their future, is not the 2nd Amendment but what President Eisenhower warned us against, the corporate, banking, military-industrial-war-complex.

T. Weed

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