Menendez? No way!
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Dear Editor:

So last week our NJ Senator Menendez, along with Lindsey Graham and another neocon or two, bragged about imposing “crushing sanctions” on Russia. Lest we forget, Menendez was recently on trial for accepting bribes in exchange for doing favors for a rich donor, and lying about it. He escaped probable ouster from the Senate because of a hung jury. And what, according to Menendez, has Russia done to deserve these crushing sanctions? “The Kremlin continues to attack our democracy, support a war criminal in Syria. and violate Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

Really? Ron Paul, who was a Congressman when he ran for President and had a huge following, who has a reputation of telling truth to power, and who has never been accused of any crime or wrongdoing, counters: “There’s a big problem with these accusations against Russia, they’re based on outright lies and unproved accusations.” And about our Senator and the others, he said, “You can always count on the neocons in Congress to ignore evidence, ignore reality, ignore common sense in their endless drive to get us involved in another war.”

Outright lies, to get us involved in another war! It was an outright neocon lie, remember?--Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction”-- that caused our disastrous invasion of that innocent country. Endless drive for another costly war! While the usual war profiteers get rich, New Jersey is deficient in housing, in education, in health care, and its bridges and roads look like something out of a poor third-world country, while our Senator wants to “get us involved in another costly war!”

No, no. When election time comes around, I’ll vote for anyone, or anything, even a yellow dog Democrat, rather than “our” (Yeah, whose?) Senator.

T. Weed

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